Part 2: Common 2nd Trimester Appointments & Testing

3 minutes
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Common a second trimester appointments and testing. Routine prenatal appointments are generally around every four weeks. So about the same deal as the first trimester. up in a cup, they take your vitals you talk to the doctor or pa or midwife, and then they check the baby's heartbeat. around the middle of your second trimester, they'll usually start measuring your belly at each visit to remember to mention any unusual or difficult to deal with sometimes. This is also the timeframe that you start to feel the baby moving and doctors will often urge you to contact them right away.

If you're noticing less movement than normal. They usually give you info on what to watch out for as far as preterm labor symptoms as well. 18 to 20 week ultrasound, this checks the baby's growth and make sure everything is looking good with their development. It's also the standard appointment, where you would find out the gender if you want to know unless you've already done that via the blood tests we talked about in the first trimester section, glucose testing and other bloodwork those glucose test checks your blood sugar levels because a small percentage of women will develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy. This test is usually done between 24 to 28 weeks pregnant and you are usually told to fast prior to this test. And I believe this is the only routine blood tests that you need to pass for during pregnancy unless your doctor orders some other additional testing that would require it.

And just so you know, the glucose test is not a quick appointment. After you get called back they'll give you a special sweet beverage to drink and then you have to wait for a time for me it was 45 minutes I believe, and then they will dry your blood to test it. Depending on your blood type in or medical history, there may be other tests or procedures that your doctor class. And as I mentioned in the first trimester section, you'll want to remember to bring your insurance card photo ID and script from your ob gyn for any ultrasounds, blood work or tests done at facilities outside of their office. Some doctors are good about faxing scripts over in advance but there's no better guarantee the facility would get it. I used to work in a doctor's office and trust me, faxes do not always go through.

So it's always good to bring up a copy just in case. And a lot of places also require that you bring your license or a photo ID and of course they need your insurance information to fill up. Regarding your appointments, make sure you stay up to date with any routine prenatal or testing appointments. Don't wait till the last minute to schedule them because you might end up forgetting or have a hard time getting in to be seen during the timeframe that you would need it and make sure you mark your appointments down either in a physical calendar or save them to an electronic calendar marked down any non urgent questions you have between doctor's appointments so you can discuss them at the next one. Anything that's a serious concern, of course you would want to contact your doctor about right away. And then things you'd want to discuss with your doctor or midwife.

Any concerning medical issues or symptoms, specific questions or ideas you might have for your birth plan and you can ask about it. Discuss procedures tests are decisions that you'll have to make for the rest of your pregnancy and during labor and birth. So to do next schedule any routine testing or prenatal appointments that you need to fill out page one of the second trimester workbook, review the second trimester to do list, which is pages two to three of the second trimester workbook for any appointment or medical related tasks. And when you're ready the next part in this section is section three part three things to do in your second trimester.

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