Part 1: An Introduction to the Second Trimester

3 minutes
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An Introduction to the second trimester. My favorite time to get things done during pregnancy is during the second trimester. The reason is because most women will have told people by this point that they're pregnant or starting to, and a lot of expecting moms will find some relief as far as some of their pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and fatigue, which are often the worst during the first trimester. So if you've experienced either or both of these symptoms, you may catch a little bit of a break. Now, unfortunately, not every woman does. But a lot Do you find these symptoms locked in at this point?

I always say that for myself. My second trimester is when I get my energy back. And for myself, personally, it's my favorite stage of pregnancy. The second trimester is a good window for productivity because once you start to get into your third trimester, you may find yourself experiencing some of that fatigue again, or other symptoms that aren't as easy to manage. During my third trimester, I will start to get physically worn out sooner, just by doing normal things like housework, I also end up going to the chiropractor more because of my back bothering me. So take advantage of your time and energy in the second trimester if you can.

If you start this course in your second trimester. If you haven't yet completed the first trimester section, you really don't need to review all of it, but I recommend reviewing the below parts in section one. Part Three, check if you qualify for WIC That is, if you haven't already looked into this. Part Four. be mentally prepared during pregnancy. Part Five, be prepared with good insurance.

If you've already checked if you qualify for free or reduced cost insurance being pregnant, and you've set your baby up with insurance for after they're born, you can skip reviewing. Part Six Be prepared with your employment. If you already know your maternity leave benefits and details and have any permanent employment decisions for after your baby is born. You can skip reviewing the section Part Seven, make room for baby in your home. Part nine the role of your birth plan Throughout pregnancy, Part 11 practical suggestions for dealing with pregnancy symptoms. And if you haven't announced your pregnancy or started telling people yet, you can also review Part Eight, which is decide when and how to announce your pregnancy.

And also, just to know I did briefly discuss in the first trimester section how you may want to consider hiring a doula. Of course whether or not you want one is totally up to you. But if this is something you're interested, you may want to start right away researching and asking around about doulas in your area before they get booked up so that you can find someone that will do a good job with supporting your personal labor and delivery. So that's all I have for the introduction to the second trimester. So to do next, download the second trimester workbook. review any applicable parts in section one of this course that you haven't already and review the next part of the section, which is section three part two common second trimester appointments and testing.

I do just want to remind you to pace yourself for this course so that you have time to think about that information and to be able to make application of any suggestions that you need to

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