Part 8: Decide When & How to Announce Your Pregnancy

2 minutes
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Decide when and how to announce your pregnancy. So it's totally up to you how and when you'll start telling people that you're pregnant. Some women wait until they're 12 to 13 weeks or around three months. Other ladies try to keep it a secret as long as possible until they start showing and still others up to tell everyone in the world right away. So generally, the reason women will wait to tell people is one of three reasons. One, they want to wait until they're past their first trimester so that if they were to miscarry early on, they wouldn't have to go and tell everyone if that were to happen to they're afraid of people's reactions and are just want people to stay out of their business.

In or three, they want some time to mentally process the pregnancy themselves before sharing things. And I can totally respect any of those reasons. I will say that with myself personally, I did tell people early on that I was pregnant if they were individuals I felt I would also want to know if I didn't miscarry. At the same time though in situations where that does happen with it. Expecting moms as possible, they will change their mind about who they'd want to share that. Sometimes our idea of how we handle situations is a bit different only actually have to go through it.

But either way, it's up to you and your baby's dad when you want to announce your pregnancy. So just go with what you're most comfortable with. Another option is to just tell close family and friends that you can trust to keep it quiet until you're ready to tell people that you're not as close to or who have big mouths. So deciding how to announce your pregnancy. You can either physically mail or electronically send pregnancy announcements, personally tell people call text or email them etc or a combination of the above. Just to know if you do find out the gender during your first trimester with a blood test that I mentioned earlier in part two of this section.

You can totally include this information in pregnancy announcements if one you decide to use pregnancy announcements, and to if you want people to know that gender early on Just know that in Section five, the baby shower section will talk about if you wanted to do a gender reveal at the shower. Again, everything I'm mentioning are mirror suggestions that you can consider and make your own choices on. Personally I did, I did not find out the gender till my second trimester with both of my pregnancies. And I didn't use official pregnancy announcements. So I'm not basing my suggestions to you on what my experiences was. I'm just giving you all the four options I can think of so that you can make your own choices and be prepared for your pregnancy and baby the way that you personally want to be.

So to do next, fill out page five of the first trimester workbook, decide how and when you want to announce your pregnancy and announce that when the time comes. And when you're ready. The next lesson in this section is part nine. The role of your birth partner throughout pregnancy and of course, just remember to pace yourself with this course.

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