Part 2: Tips for When You Come Home

6 minutes
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Here are some tips for your postpartum recovery at home. One, let people help you if they offer. If someone wants to bring your family dinner or do your dishes, the answer is yes. If someone asks if you need help, the answer is yes. Unless you have a really good reason for declining help from a certain person, the answer should always be yes for anyone who wants to help you to ask for help when you need it. When you need help ask loved ones who are comfortable with and can count on such as your spouse, parents, siblings, and friends.

Even if they can just help with smaller tasks. This will be a huge help to you when you're busy with your newborn and while your body is recovering. Three, make sure you take care of yourself. Just like we talked about in the postpartum tip section for while you're in the hospital or birthing facility. You also want to take care of yourself when you get back home. Make sure you're eating good meals drinking enough and getting enough sleep is so important.

And again this becomes even more important if you're nursing because Your body's responsible for keeping both of you healthy. This can be challenging sometimes when you're busy with a baby, but you absolutely need to make taking care of yourself a priority. And as we just talked about taking advantage of help from others can make it easier for you to have time to take care of yourself. Along with taking care of yourself is not overworking yourself. Try not to do too much around the house or over exert yourself. You've probably seen online posts and pictures of women who show their baby weight gone and a few weeks after delivery and exercises they do.

A word of caution though, a lot of doctors don't recommend actually working out until six to eight weeks after delivery. And it could actually result in medical issues for moms that ignore this. So unless your doctor gives you the okay to do certain exercises, you'll want to play it safe. And don't worry, you can lose a baby weight safely and gradually when the time comes for schedule your postpartum checkup and talk with your doctor about any hints Generally your doctor or midwife will want to see you back for a postpartum checkup some weeks after you've delivered. It's usually around six weeks or so after. However, this may vary depending on where you live and if you had any complications or concerns that would make them want to see you sooner.

Of course, if you have any concerns yourself before your postpartum appointment, you'll want to contact your doctor's office right away. There are occasional issues women have that should be addressed prior to the routine checkup. So if you feel like you aren't healing properly, if you have unusual or difficult to deal with symptoms, or if you just aren't feeling okay physically or emotionally, you definitely want to contact them ASAP. Five, schedule your baby's newborn appointment with their pediatrician. The hospital may have you do this while they're there, but if not, make sure you schedule it soon after you get home. Pediatricians will usually want to see newborns for their first visit within a few days or week after they're born.

Six contact your baby's insurance to let them know Know that your baby was born. After baby's born, you'll want to let their insurance company know and give them the details of their name and date of birth. If you set up their insurance through the state marketplace, then you'd want to contact them directly to let them know. Seven, let your baby's insurance company know who you picked for their pediatrician in the date of their first appointment, or when it's scheduled for some insurances require patients including children to have a primary doctor on file, and they may not cover visits with a general physician that you haven't planned file without insurance. And note that this can still be the case even when the pediatrician participates with your baby's insurance plan. Some insurances allow you to put a doctor on file for past appointments, but usually have a limit for how far they'll backdate the primary doctor on file, such as only for the last 30 or 60 days.

And note that a lot of insurances will also choose a doctor to put on file for your child's pediatrician if you delay in providing them With this info, and chances are the one that they pick is not going to be the one that you picked. So just make sure you let them know which doctor your baby will be seen and what the addresses. If the insurance already selected a pediatrician to have on file, you can usually just call them to change it to the one that you want, as long as they accept your baby's insurance. But I would do this ASAP so there aren't billing issues. And insurances will not put a doctor on file automatically just because they receive claims from your child's doctor's visits. So if your baby's insurance carrier requires them to have a specific primary doctor on file, then you need to give this information to them so that they'll pay the claims from your child's child's visits.

So four things you should keep in mind if you feel stressed postpartum one. Remember this is completely normal. You're adjusting to a huge change in your life, caring for a medium foot, and all while your body is going through hormonal changes and recovering physically. Know that things will settle down and you will be able to keep up with everything. It might seem really crazy at first, but you'll get into the groove of things and be able to manage it all. Your baby will settle into better eating and sleeping habits, you'll be able to catch up on housework and your body will recover.

Just remember to take care of yourself and rest whenever you can. Three if you need to vent, talk to your spouse or a close friend or family member that can support you and you can trust to support you. For you should talk with your doctor if there's a possibility that you're suffering from postpartum depression, or something else that's more than just a bad or crazy day. So in conclusion, I just want to say congrats because this was the final lesson in the course with the exception of any bonus material. So I really wish you the best with your delivery your baby and your postpartum recovery. Remember to take advantage of the postpartum reminders printable which summarizes what we just discussed.

You For any questions or feedback on this course you can feel free to email me at Elliot house counseling comm it's e Ll IE at house gone I would love to hear from you

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