Part 1: Be Ready for Your Baby's Arrival With the Items You Need

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Need to have all the needed baby items ready and set up before you give birth. And just to know in this lesson, I only focus on items you need for baby. And mostly items you'll want from when they're newborn to three months. I don't get into the postpartum items mom should have in this section. That's a whole other topic which I discussed in Section nine, Part Four. So there are literally thousands of baby items out there, but these are the ones I feel are the most essential to one have in to have ready before your baby is born.

So let's talk about baby clothing items you need. I suggest registering for and stocking up on at least newborn zero to three months in three to six months size clothes, and if you get bigger sizes, that's good too. But I suggest you at least have these items before your baby's born. Note that babies grow fast and sometimes are in a higher month size than their actual age. So some types of baby clothing awarness pop up on our Wednesdays sleepers these might look like a one piece zip up or button up pajamas and these are my favorite type of baby clothing. pants for a daytime and pajama bottoms shirts both for daytime and pajama tops and socks, sweaters or sweatshirts.

Dress clothes such as for religious or formal occasions, like dresses and stockings for girls suits, dress shirts, ties for boys. shoes and boots, coats and jackets, mittens. You can also use socks for mittens. These are good for cold weather, but also keep babies from scratching themselves because a lot of babies will scratch themselves in it's difficult to clip and file a newborn sales hats and then you also need a dresser or something of the like horse clothing storage. So forget that you need a place to put your baby's clothing. And if you can't find a dresser within your budget or you have a limited space.

You could even just use some sort of plastic storage with drawers for the time being Just a few things to remember about baby clothing. Babies tend to outgrow the newborn size super quick. Some babies may actually be too big for newborn clothing when they're born. When my daughter was around eight pounds she fit in the zero to three months size better and the length of your baby will also factor in. How many baby outfits should you have? people recommend different amounts.

Personally, I say have enough for all often you will do laundry for your baby's clothes. It is easy to get behind on laundry with a newborn though so however often you think you'll do laundry you might want to have an extra day or two worth of baby clothes just in case. And your words will often go through multiple changes of clothing a day between spitting up sweating and or what divers that leak. And yes, even the good brands won't always hold everything. And later as your baby gets older, you may get through an entire day with the same outfit. Yeah, that's exciting.

I would account for at least Three to four outfits a day of each size for younger babies times the number of days you'll go between doing laundry. When I count this, I include the last day I did laundry and the next day I'll do it and the number of days in between. And again, I recommend adding an extra day or two worth of worth of outfits just in case. So I include an example of how I calculate this. So hopefully, it's less confusing, as you can see in this slide. So in this instance, I plan on washing baby clothes every three days.

So I'll wash them Sunday and then again on Wednesday. And so to figure out how many outfits I want, I'll count all the days in between plus the days I'm washing the clothes so I'll start counting on Sunday and and on Wednesday. So that gives me four days of outfits that I want but I'm going to add an additional day or two just to be safe in case I get behind on laundry in case if you get stained, it'll give me a couple extra to keep in the diaper bag too. So that's a total of five to six days worth of outfits that I want per size. Keeping in mind that I should have three to four outfits on hand for each day, I'm going to multiply that by the number of days. So the minimum amount would be three outfits times five days, or 15 outfits.

And the maximum I might want would be four outfits 1016 or 24 outputs. So if I'm going to watch baby clothes every three days, I'd want somewhere between 15 to 24. Weather appropriate outfits while my baby is little. This can include one piece outfits as well like as a bookkeeper. If you plan on washing baby clothes more often, you'd need less outfits, or if you'll wash them less often, like say only once a week, you'd want more baby clothes. So look at a calendar, make a hypothetical schedule that's reasonable for how often you'll watch baby clothes, count the days adding one to two extra days for some cushion, and then multiply that by three to four outfits a day.

And that's how much you'll need per size. So I'd say this is a good estimate, at least for the new And zero to three size clothing. Once your baby gets a little bigger, they may not go through as many outfits a day, you'd probably want to have about two to three outfits a day for bigger sizes like three to six months. And so calculating it this way gives you some room for getting behind on laundry and for having extra outfits on hand to travel. You want to keep extra changes in the diaper bag too. And each baby is different.

So I don't know how many outfits yours will go through a day it could be more or less. This is a pretty reasonable estimate though. And if anything, you might just have a couple extra outfits on hand, but you should definitely be able to at least use them all for additional items that your baby won't wear all the time like hats, shoes, dress, clothes, etc. Make sure you have enough for when you need them and take into consideration how the weather will be. Now let's talk about bird claws and blankets. So how many blankets Ember paws you need?

I would recommend a minimum of 10 of each preferably more I definitely suggest more if you go a few days between doing loads of laundry, but what you use blankets for will make a difference and how fast you go through them. I personally use blankets for everything I use them as bird claws and nursing covers as a car seat cover to cover the changing cable and for swaddling, so I was watching them a lot. It's good to have a mix of different types of blankets as well like receiving swaddling, thicker blankets, etc. So baby changing items that you need, will need a changing table and pad some come with a pad diapers have enough to last you for the first several weeks at least I recommend stocking up on sizes newborn to two. You don't want to be rushing out to buy diapers right after you have your baby.

The good news is people will often give you diapers especially if you're having a shower. For me. I didn't have to buy any for the first three months with my first baby. I personally don't recommend a certain amount of diapers. You should to stock up on for each size because every baby is different and grows at a different rate. For instance, bigger newborns may not fit in newborn diapers or long or at all, while smaller babies will be in them for a while.

Also, some brands have diapers that run smaller or larger than the standard size. So it also depends sometimes on the brands that you use. You may want to have a few boxes of each size to start, but as for the exact amount you need, that's totally going to vary for from one baby to the next. wipes you want to have enough again to last you for the first several weeks. One or two really big boxes of wipes with multiple packages should last you a while. When your baby is little You can also rip them in half to make them last longer.

You don't always need to use a full size flavor or a newborn diaper rash cream or white men or baby powder. A couple of containers or two should last few for some time. keep changing supplies and each story of your home or where you'll be changing up Maybe plus some in the diaper bag. Depending on how your home is set up. You may also want more than one changing cable or station. Feeding supplies to stock up on a pump, you can ask your doctor about a script for one.

Most expecting moms can get a good quality pump for free or reduced cost either through their insurance or through WIC, freezer friendly containers or storage bags, which would be for milk. If you plan on nursing bottles. Even if you're nursing, I'm sure you'll want to use them at some point. And just to know most bottles have nipples with different flow rates. So these might be numbered like as 123 or defined as slow, medium etc. One or slow is what you'd want to use with a newborn and younger baby and you can usually increase it to two or medium when your baby is around three months.

A lot of bottles will come on nipples that have the slowest flow rate. It's usually specified on the packaging and some brands saw a faster pace simple Separately, but that will depend on the brand. There are also a few types of bottles that have nipples with an adjustable flooring. I personally have used the newbie brand and I like those however, I didn't start using them till my baby was older. So I don't really know from my experience how they work with younger babies, so you'll just have to see what brand bottles work best for you and your baby. And you may also want to have a few different brands of bottles on hand so that when your baby's born, you can see which ones you prefer once you start using them.

Formula you'll want to have a supply stacked up if you decide not to nurse or want Ernie to supplement and I personally never gave my baby formula but I don't think it would hurt to have a small supply on hand just in case. Even if you plan on solely nursing and you didn't plan on using a Boppy pillow. This is optional but I highly recommend having one to use during feedings especially if you're in nursing. It makes a million times more comfortable in my opinion for you and for baby bibs parents different opinion as far as when to start using these but these are definitely good to have on here. Suppose traveling necessities to have your baby's car seat. This can be set up in the car in advance so it's all ready for use when you go into labor.

Once you have that, I suggest you practice installing it a few times until you've got it down pat, because some hospitals will actually make you bring in the car seat and show them before they allow you and your baby to be discharged. And all hospitals do this but if yours does, you'll want to know how to put it back in your car. And you weren't insert. Some car seats don't include the same we have to purchase one separately, but I would make sure you have one. car seats that are intended to accommodate newborns are often still too big for them when they're first born without an insert. So a properly use insert will help keep your baby safely in place and especially for their had a stroller.

This can be kept folded in your trunk or in another convenient place for easy use on outings. Baby Carrier you can keep this in your car or a diaper bag. When my baby was little I never went shopping without it. Babies won't always be condensing in their car seat in the car. I have also used mine at home to where my baby around the house as well. A diaper bag.

Don't forget to bring this with you every time you leave the house with baby. I recommend you keep it in your car unless you travel with someone else and resaca as needed after every show. So items you'd want to stock in your diaper bag would be diapers Of course I would keep several extra especially for a newborn as they go through them faster. On wipes, you'll want to make sure you have enough to last several changes. A small portable changing fat. This is great for changes on the go.

Not all public places have baby changers in the bathrooms. A lot of diaper bags will come with one included but there are nicer ones you can buy separately as well. baby blankets and bird claws. Keep a couple of each in the diaper bag in diaper rash cream. Extra baby clothes your baby may what through their clothes when you're out and about so have at least two to three changes on hand. Of course, you'll want to make sure these are weather appropriately.

Nursing cover, there are not always ideal places to nurse and public for nursing moms. So if you nurse and you use a cover, it's something you'd want to bring canned wipes in hand sanitizer. You may not always change your baby in a place where you can easily wash your hand. So that's good for cleaning your hands on the go, and an extra clean pacifier or two bottles or feeding supplies, any fresh bottles or supplies. You'd want to add them to your diaper bag right before you leave for each trip. Small decal disposable bags there are ones made specifically to hold soiled diapers and these bags do come in handy if there are no garbage cans nearby when you have to do a change.

You can also use these to place dirty changes of clothes and birds and so on. But these will get great Really fast if you keep them like that too long, so please make sure you empty them out and wash the clothes ASAP when you get home or when you arrive to your destination if you're traveling elsewhere. Eating and hygiene supplies for baby. You will want a baby bathtub or bather And just a note, most doctors will recommend only sponge baths until the baby's umbilical cord falls completely off. Baby wash shampoo baby lotion oil, baby wash claws. These are smaller and softer than regular wash claws and it's good to have several of these.

You can also use them to wipe off your baby's face and body out other times besides bath time. Baby bath towels, I suggest using two baby towels every bath I use 101 to place over the back of my baby's head and the whole back side of their body. Then another towel not necessarily a hooded one to wrap around the front of them. So have enough towels to last for how often you do well. Andriy factoring in if you overuse them prior to washing and how often you'll be irritating, my baby's doctor suggested only bathing her every two to three days so her skin wouldn't dry out. Now of course there are times when you may need to give them a bath more often.

A first aid kit is also good to have and I also recommend having a VB care kit. At the very least you'll want to make sure it includes a thermometer BB nail clippers, files, a Coleman a brush, a nasal aspirator. And just to know a lot of parents opt for a nose Fritos a specific brand new nasal aspirator has regular aspirators don't always work so great. But if you want more than a generic nasal aspirator you may need to purchase this separately. items for baby sleeping area, a sleeper bassinet or crib. In most cases, an actual crib is much more expensive than something like a smaller baby sleeper, but keep in mind that the Smalling sleep, the smaller sleeping area you opt for, the faster your baby's going to grow out of it.

We initially had a baby sleeper, which I loved but our daughter outgrew it within a few months. crib sheets and mattress if you're using an actual crib, baby monitors, they should be charged and kept near your baby's sleeping area so they're handy when you need them. And if you can afford it, you may want to get one that also has video so you can actually see how your baby's doing. If it's good quality, you'd be able to see them breathing and know that they're awake because babies don't always make noise when they wake up. pacifier some parents use these to put or keep their babies to sleep. You don't really know how they're going to work with your baby until you try them.

A humidifier or vaporizer I personally didn't use either but I know other parents have. I would research your options on these. First as there seems to be some conflicting medical opinions and different pros and cons and are some benefits to both of these If you want to co sleep, I personally recommend that you have a separate baby sleeping area set up like a crib or bassinet, etc. Even if you plan on bed sharing or co sleeping. And just a note your baby's nursery area doesn't have to be in a separate room, especially while your baby is still really young. You can set this up right in your own bedroom.

But for reasons I suggest having a separate sleeping area, even if you'll be co sleeping is one, you'll have occasions where you'll want to put the baby down when you won't be sleeping with them. And yes, you do want to sleep when the baby sleeps sometimes, but a newborn will generally need more sleep than you to you may not want them in the bed with you all the time. Three depending on where you live, you could run into a CPS or legal issue not having some type of Chrome and I certainly hope this never happens to you but if someone wants to cause you a problem and call CPS on you, even if it's a totally bogus complaint, they'll check any children's sleeping areas and some places legally require you to have some type of probe in your home if your baby's under a certain age, even if you don't use it.

Or you want a safe place to put your baby to sleep, if there are factors that would make you less alert. So there are times where it may be better just to post sleeping for the nights such as if you were on a medication that decreases alertness or causes drowsiness if you've had a drink, or maybe you're just sick and feeling kind of out of it. items to keep baby occupied and content, toys bouncers, I like having these in multiple rooms throughout the house. So I had different places to put my baby when I needed to be swing. These are great for keeping babies content and also can put them to sleep sometimes, which is great. So all these items we just discussed are the main baby items that you'd want to register for stock up on so that you have them and you have them ready before your baby's born.

And they should last you at minimum for the first Few months without you needing much else for a while. So there are some other things that you may want to add to a registry and or have for when your baby gets to be a little bit older. And these would be a playpen, a walker, baby spoons for when they start eating solids. A teether teethers. Baby Food I personally waited to buy baby food until my baby was old enough to eat solids. But if you find baby food with a far off expiration date, you can purchase them in advance especially if you catch sales, plug covers and other baby proofing items.

Just to know I personally liked the plug covers I found at Dollar Tree. They were inexpensive and worked pretty well. They aren't easy for a young baby or toddler to remove. So these last several items I just mentioned because you may want to register or stock up on them in advance even though they may not be necessities right away. So to do next, I know that was a lot. We just went through I use the baby items I need to printable as a guide for registering on for your lists for what you need to get, and list any additional items you need to get for your baby.

Then you can review the next part in the section when you have the chance which is tips for registering when you're ready.

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