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Hey there, I'm Billy Walker and the course instructor for pregnant with a plan. And this course is designed as a step by step guide to help you prepare in a practical way before your baby is born. To be honest, during my first pregnancy, I was not prepared like I should have had for my baby, just by all the pregnancy advice and information that I brought and did research on. I never really found a full guide on being prepared for my baby. And there were things that I didn't realize I needed to make decisions or preparations on before. But after the fact, I learned from my mistakes, and I reflected on what I could have done differently that would have made my pregnancy go a whole lot smoother.

So I actually designed this course while I was in my second pregnancy, with a goal of helping other expecting moms to be able to save time and stress by sharing the most important preparations and decisions that you need to make before your baby is born. And overall, this course has 10 sections, a total of 27 lessons. And there's also a bonus, a bonus lesson and additional printable material that you can use that companies the lessons and the lessons are presented as slide based videos so that you can follow the material easier and I'm actually going to Switch over to slides right now, so you can get used to the format as well to share some more information on the course. So real quick, let's talk about this course, the course is broken up into different sections or topics in parts or lessons. A section may have one lesson or multiple lessons depending on the topic.

And there are also supplemental printable PDFs that go along with the lessons, mostly for the purpose of helping you make decisions to keep track of things you need to do or items you need to get and to help you stay organized. And just to note, they are a digital download, so you do have to print them out yourself. Each trimester section has a printable workbook for that trimester. But there are also workbooks and worksheets for other sections and lessons in the course. And you'll find any applicable printable downloads listed directly below the first lesson that references done, and they'll be within the same section that they go along with. So here's a quick overview of the topics discussed in this pregnant little Queen course.

Section one is first trimester section two saving money in pregnancy. Section three, the second trimester section four all about registering. And just to note, you can preview the first part of the section for free. Section five, your baby shower, section six, your birth plan, Section seven, your delivery location. And then you can preview that lesson for free as well the Section seven lesson in section eight talks about birth class. And just to note, while this course is designed to help you be prepared in a practical way for your baby, it doesn't in any way replace a birth class.

Taking a birth class is one of the things I strongly recommend that you do during pregnancy to help you be both prepared mentally and physically for labor and delivery. Section nine talks about the third trimester, section 10 is postpartum tips. And there's also a bonus section which is on 21 things to do if your baby won't stop crying. So that is just an overview of the general topics that are discussed in the course. But I also just want to tell you where to start with this course depending on where you are in your pregnancy right now. So if you're in your first trimester You can start with section one, part one.

And basically just go through the course in order unless that works out for you to do certain things sooner if you're in your second trimester, and start with section three, part one, which also highlights some lessons in section one that may still be applicable for you. And I also recommend you review section two, which is the section on how to save money during pregnancy. And then after that, you'll want to continue to take the course in order as it applies to if you're in your third trimester, you can start with section nine part one and again, some earlier sections of the course may still be applicable even in later pregnancy. So here are five ways to get the most out of this course. One, review each lesson applicable to your pregnancy, to print out and use the principles included in each section. And if you don't have a way of printing them, I suggest you at least open up the documents on your computer device and jot down your answers to the questions and marked on and you put both tasks that you want to remember to do.

And if PDFs are not the standard size for your printer, please send me an email with a specific document size that you need and I can try to Size them for you and email them to you. So my email is Ellie at house currency comm e Ll IE at house financing calm just make sure you spell it correctly so I can get it and respond to you. Three you can minimize distractions Will you review each lesson for take notes, five, pace yourself and take the time to do the tasks that you need to do. For sections with multiple lessons, you may be able to review more than one part in a day especially for shorter lessons. And I suggest taking time go to use any printables answer any questions and hopefully any tasks you can at that point before you move on. There may sometimes be tasks that you can't yet do in your pregnancy, but try to do the ones that you can do before you move on to the next lesson.

And just to know I do suggest reviewing both lessons in the registering section before you register though. For tasks that you'll need to do later, you can set a specific date and time to do them and then make a note on that future date in your calendar or agenda. And then when that day comes along, just make sure you take care of that task. And you can also make a schedule for when you want to complete each applicable lesson in the course. And Bonus points if you use electronic or written reminders so you don't forget. So you can go at your own pace, but it probably be good to aim for one to two sections a week, taking into account how far along you are in your pregnancy in relation to where you are in the course.

And a note on the trimester sections. After completing relevant lessons and tasks for the current trimester that you're in, may want to review the lessons in the next trimester you'll be in after that. If you don't, of course, that's okay. But this will give you a heads up on some of the things you can expect to do and make decisions on and may give you some ideas about things you want to ask your doctor about as well. A note on the postpartum tip section, which is section 10. I recommend that you review this section during the end of your third trimester after completing any other applicable lessons.

And of course, part one of Section 10 applies to while you're recovering the hospital or birth center, so you ideally want to review it before you go into labor. And then some of the tips in Section 10. Part Two are also time sensitive. Regarding the suggested timeframes in the course, I do at times recommend one you should do certain things. So My goal with this is to help expecting moms complete all of their pregnancy related tasks by the time they're eight months pregnant, but to also space things out throughout pregnancy. Of course, you are responsible for deciding what things to do in your pregnancy and when to do them.

And there have at times been moms who have gotten into preterm labor or had to be induced before they work full term. So if this is something that you're concerned with, perhaps due to your personal or medical circumstances, you may decide to do certain things sooner than I recommend. Or you may simply have other reasons for choosing to do tasks in a different order or timeframe. And that's totally okay. I want you to do whatever works best for you, the timeframes and even the tasks that I recommend or just simply some suggestions and then if you want to contact me if you had any feedback questions or concerns about the course I'd love to hear from you. And again, my email that I mentioned earlier you can contact me at is Elliot house consulting comm e Ll IE at house counseling calm and if you find this course is helpful and you want to read or listen to other information I share you can find me online at how Contact calm.

And just to note, there are some regions outside of the US that don't have access to my website, but you can still contact me via the email address I just mentioned. I also have a free resource library with home management tips and resources available at this URL I'm showing on the screen which is available in all regions. And as far as preparing for your baby. This course though, is really where I share the in depth information and tips to help you do that. And then finally, just a quick disclaimer, which applies to all information in this course and about this course of any format including but not limited to videos and printables. I am not a medical professional or expert any information from Hoskinson is for informational purposes only and we are not responsible for any decisions you make acting on or failing to act on info from the pregnant on the playing course, or any other part of our business.

You are responsible for making your own personal pregnancy and parenting decisions for doing your own research. As well as talking with your healthcare provider providers to make sound decisions that will affect you you're making your family's health. Well this course is intended to be helpful. No guarantees or assurances, who are also already subject to any applicable website policies and disclaimers from the website or websites any course materials you view or use have originated from, whether you have read them or not. They're pregnant with a plan course along with any materials included in it as copyrighted passed on saying 2018 2019 and while we do allow and want you to make copies of any printable material for personal use, of course materials may not be shared outside of your immediate household duplicated outside of personal use, and are posted publicly without prior written consent from hospitals seen exception situations, otherwise, a lot of current copyright laws, we may change or update this course or the materials in at any time for the purpose of making more accurate, current or helpful, or for another reason we see that.

So that's all I have to say. And now you can get started with the course.

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