NEW Cisco CCNA IPv4 Course!

This course is geared to enhance your understanding of the IPv4 protocol which is still used today in the workplace.

NEW Cisco CCNA IPv4 Course!

This course is geared to enhance your understanding of the IPv4 protocol which is still used today in the workplace.
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About the Class

This course will cover all aspects of IPv4. Students will learn about the following topics in the course:

  1. IP Addressing
  2. Subnetting
  3. VLSM
  4. Route Summarization
  5. Wildcard Masking
  6. Common Network Equipment
  7. Basic Router Administrative Commands
  8. Configuring Router Interfaces

The course will also show students how to assign IP Addresses to PC's and Routers as well as gaining an understanding of the TCP/IP properties such as gateways. 

This is a lecture-based course using hands-on labs. My method will make you feel like you are sitting in a classroom environment and give you some hands-on experience. 

Please be aware that I have authored a book on IPv4 that is available on AMAZON called "The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!". For those interested, this book, along with this course, will help you achieve a greater understanding of this still relevant protocol.

See you on the course!


Lazaro Diaz

Network Engineer - Cisco Instructor
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I am a Network Engineer and Cisco Instructor. I have been teaching IT for the past two decades. I specialize in teaching the CCNA & CCNP. I have taught over 400k students worldwide and I am currently on over 40 eLearning platforms. My passion is Networking and teaching.

Class Requirements

  1. Students will need a basic understanding of Networks.
  2. Students will need a simulator/emulator to go along with the course.
  3. Students can follow along with my book (available on Amazon), called "The Only IP Book You Will Ever Need!"

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Subnet, VLSM, Common Network Equipment, Router Administration, IP Address, Wildcard Masking, Router Configuration, Route Summarization
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 4 hours 26 minutes
37 Videos
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