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All right, made it through the ipv4 course. So all this laundry list that I gave you, at the very beginning in lecture one, okay? You're like, Oh my god, there's a lot of things that we need to. And you saw how simple because it was straight to the point straight to the point and letting you know, hey, this is what this does. These are the errors you can encounter. This is what happened to me is what's going on.

So it was straight to the point to let you know what's going on. By now, you should know already the common hardware, we saw the hub, the switch the bridge, the lot, you know, we saw those. All right, and the cable straight through and crossover and Kotick console in. Right. That's how you do it in your certification. All right, we saw the out what is an ipv4 all that good stuff, the special types like the loopback and all that we saw that we We saw in the basic router configuration, which is over here, in the basic route configuration that we use.

Well, really when we did the interfaces that are we use that default route, right? The 000 address that's reserved that we don't use, okay? We use it because of routing purposes. Okay, default routes. Okay, we talked about planning and conversions. We saw now now we understand, or we should understand that the subnet mask is the key to finding anything to finding anything once you draw that line.

All right, you saw we draw a line, boom, it's over. Okay. Playing infrastructure, of course, extremely important. We saw a private address range was okay. So what we have on there that you saw in the lab, Class B and Class C, that was a plus b is 172 16 to 130 to 31. Okay, Cisco will tell you that the true cider is 20.

If you do so many, you'll see that that's true. Okay, if you use my concept, and it's in the book, okay. In my book anyway, and in Cisco's book, and then but again to answer any question for certifications, just default mass existing 16. All right? you now understand that we need to subnet we need to subnet, okay. And he's so messed up every subnet, it should be their own VLAN.

Because you create more broadcast domains that will minimize the amount of broadcasts in your network. So we learned that the different classes of IP addresses based on host, okay, so how quickly we can subnet just by using that line? Because once you find your incoming, incoming over now, one less one less, one less, one less, one less what's in between? Okay, we did summarization you saw using the binary method. Very, very simple to do. Just keep track of everything.

Double check your math just like I did, okay? But you see the importance of summarization. Once we did that live, so all those routes in that core router, once we summarize advertised that summary route, what happened? It went now only two, three. I think it was like 24 Atlanta that I had routes that I was learning through eigrp. Now we only went down to three.

That's what it is because the core router, the Cisco three layer, model, right, core router speed, pass information, well, then it's easier for it to look Hey, this is a summarized address. All these networks are in there also, you know, this way. That's it. Okay. We did the same. We understood the concept of calculated networks.

And how easy was wildcard mask? I mean, seriously, it doesn't get any easier than that. You saw the examples. Okay. And you may throw an example out there like we did in OSPF or even Ei or Nat, alright, and it could be a wrong wildcard mask based on the amount of people that they want you to use Nat or your advertising the wrong network. Okay, so you need or they may ask you and this OSPF statement based on that what interfaces will participate in this OSPF process?

Oh, well, based on this walk, our mass is the range of here, here. So anything in that range will participate. Let me see what interfaces that that's what you do. That's how they'll test your IP scheme. I mean, your IP addressing skills, alright, so very easy to do. But it takes practice, practice, practice, practice.

And again, when I say it again, I said again, use this book as your harbor with you everywhere you go, you may not have the day on your mobile is not working or you can you know, whatever. Alright, these courses are downloadable, you're going to have or you should purchase this book on Amazon, because it's going to help you not only for ipv4, but it also talks about ipv6, but again, concentrate on ipv4. All right, especially if you're just starting out, you can learn how to do this and be ready for any sort of any networking certification that you You're taking Okay, hope you enjoyed the class the course. I hope you found it very informative and I wish you all the best. See you in the next one

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