Summary of Section 5

5 minutes
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Welcome, we made it to the summary of the session. So what are we talking about? We're talking about the need for somebody. Don't let anybody tell you any different you must subnet in your network unless you work with five people. And that's it. That company is never going to grow.

It's going to be five people in there or two people or one person is just you. Okay? don't submit. Okay? But if you're a company, mid size 1020 3040 100 200 people, thousands of people, okay, yes, you need to sign up because you're gonna have different departments. Okay?

Although maybe work in different you need to do this. Alright, because there's going to be traffic. That's why I'm telling you in the planning phase. All right, how big is this company? What are they transferring back and forth? Are we going to use VLANs over here, what kind of cable you know all this stuff.

Remember we talked about her and planning? Well, this is where the need for somebody comes in. You need to submit depending on the size. Or the company or whatever, but you need to submit and you suddenly you create what? VLANs. So a subnet per VLAN or VLAN per subnet, how are you going to say, Okay, how do we solve that you saw?

You saw how we solve that? Right? They give you an IP address, they give you a mask by one of the variables. And you say, Okay, well, where does this one fall in? Okay, well, where's the increment by? Let me see how better to be 10 this is increment by this number.

So there is the network. Okay? And use incremental that number. That's it. That is it. Okay.

Finding that increment number is key. When they give you something a mass. Awesome. They give you a number of holes, okay? Oh, number of holes. Okay.

See what octet you're working in third, fourth, second, whatever, put them all in zeros, and then say, Okay, how many holes do you need? I need to 3000 holes for only 200 hold, count to 486 don't stop 256 I told them 2420 4846 182 1634 and you keep going all the way you want to take it, they put it out to the first octet, then they're just jerks, right? Or somebody in different IP addresses, you saw that we just kind of made it pay attention to what octet we're in. Look at that. Ask, see what doctor were is the interesting one, oh, we're working in the second octet, oh, we're working in the third octet, oh, we're getting the fourth octet. If we're working the second octet, you can't just leave the third octet alone, okay, or the fourth.

You got to put in those things and you know, to be five, five, whatever it is, okay? You gotta not leave it all, you know, work with it. Okay. And then the magical line just to make you quicker. Just to make a quick or simple example, again, Walter was like 16, right? When I told you, you go, you take this test or whatever test you're taking wherever you increment by 16.

This is the hardest Okay, the rest of them are easy. So it goes zero 1630 240-864-8096 112 128. And you keep going 44 160 and 176. The one on 182 is two away, keeps going, I don't feel like picking anymore, and you income it all away. increment all the way to get all those networks. Okay?

And you'll be good to go. And you'll be good to go. Then you'll say, one less this one less well as this network, is this broadcast, one less this network. Is this broadcast. One less this network is this broadcast wireless network is this broadcast? What are the between these two?

That's the range. period and the story. Okay. And like I said, You can't go wrong. It's right there, both ipv4 and ipv6 buffer and summary and ipv6 as well. In the same concept, okay, we won't get into IPsec.

But you go to Amazon pick it up, okay? It will help you out tremendously. Okay? You'll be the only person in the room going ttttt. That's the answer. ttttt.

That's the answer. Because that's the way it is. I'm serious, totally serious, right? Because I've done the test myself. I've walked into a classroom, and you're sat in the back. And I seen it.

I've seen it. A professor puts up on all IP address with a mass and they asked, he asked for the range, or he asked for the network, or what's the broadcast address? And everybody's going frantic with papers and pencils, erasers on protractors, all these different things. And I'm by they're going like this. And the guy's looking at me, what are you doing? The answer is this.

And he goes, Well, here's the answer. We're out of time. And he did it like three times and the guy goes, dude, how do you do that? And I showed him. Okay, it's easy. This is a proven method.

It will work. Okay, fine, where you put that line, the subnet mask is the key. Or they give you the number of holes or the number of networks that's stuck. Once you find that when you put that line and you look at the bid value to the left, that is your network increment. That's it. All the bit ballots are right you used to calculate for your broadcast address.

Okay, that's it. That's all there is to so many See you in the next one.

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