Need for Subnetting

3 minutes
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All right, welcome back. Now we're going to tell you why we need to submit. What is on many somebody taking a large network and breaking it up into little segments, right? Well, this huge network, everybody's under the 172 16 00001020304050. My God, right? Everybody's under those 65,536 or 32 addresses 2634 addresses, okay, Ah, no, we can't have that bad.

I don't care if you have switches. Okay. You have to divide these things up. All right. You can sub that by however you want. By floor by department, my classroom.

Cool thing, cool thing. I have gone to hotels and out. They don't put no policies so they're silly. I'll go into a command prompt. I do an IP config. If I want The third floor I got one, it was a three dot zero.

I've been to no floors, it will be that floor number. So they do it by floor. I think that's pretty cool. All right. So just you know, you can do about department into my classroom, however you want to submit, it's completely up to you. All right, how you want to break up the network, okay?

And this is gonna lie to scaler network with more ease, right? Because you have different departments you need to change over. And but really to make it worth it, yes, to make it worthwhile. Just because you subnet Ah, segments of my network, every switch in the room is a different network. That's wonderful. That's wonderful for you.

Okay, what about the broadcast domain? Everybody's in the same broadcast domain. It's a matter of using a different IP when they won broadcast domain. Remember, when we're back, I said switches at one broadcast domain, multiple collision domains. You've helped it a little bit, but you really didn't go full blown. You did half the job, before job will be every subnet and its own VLAN.

Now you can have different broadcast domains. Now we're talking, okay? Now if you do something within your own segment within your own VLAN, then you don't need to hear it won't go anywhere. Okay, nobody hears that noise. And that's the whole problem. Why do you do VLANs?

You know, are creating more broadcast domains? We can do that. Okay. You're reducing the amount of broadcast per segment on the network. Yes, and you're enhancing security as well, because you can control it through access lists or whatever method. You have to control people to gain access, policies, whatever.

All right, to get to one point to the next. Alright, and you can keep them on their network or just have access to the internet. All right, so they don't get into any buddy else's VLANs I'm telling you, every time I set up a DHCP server in a school, havoc ran through the entire school because I was signing up here. to everybody in the school. Yes, I was. Is that my fault?

No, I tell him to do VLANs Yes, they do it. No. So this is what I'm telling you. Somebody is great. We need to subnet that go minimizing the amount of traffic we're separating things. That's good to segmentation.

VLANs VLANs. All right, that said See you in the next

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