Examples of using Wildcard Masking

7 minutes
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Welcome back. How easy was that? It doesn't get any easier. Choose the method you want. That was simple calculating some wildcard mask. But now Okay, so now we got this wildcard mask.

What do we do with it? Okay, we use walk our mass, not only in OSPF but in Ei GRP. as well. We get to the CCNP and above CCNA, you don't use it for er GRP. But definitely for OSPF you'll always use it a GRP. Once you get to your higher certifications, rule one world ACLs use wildcard mask, not because you're using ACLs.

Okay, so give me an example these three things right here. Alright, so let's go inside the lab. And let's see how we use these wildcard mask. see you inside Alright, Welcome back. So now we know how to calculate walk our masking, which that was too simple to be real. All right, but it is also how we would use walk our masking Well, we're going to use wildcard masking and OSPF right when we create when we're configuring off as we go, router OSPF, OSPF one network.

Let's say 192 dot 160 812 dot 168 dot one dot 00 dot zero dot zero dot 255. Area zero, right a 24 bit mask or network 10 one dot one dot four. Okay, zero dot zero dot zero dot three, area zero. What does a cider 30 Okay, broadcast would be 10 or six bits in and then the other side of 30 okay network 172 dot 21 dot 16 dot zero network zero dot zero dot 1525 years or so, in OSPF anyone any eigrp for CCNP? level or higher? You use wildcard mask and configure yeah GRP not for CCNA purposes or any less.

But for ccmp and above, you will use walk are masking for us European, this is how you would do it. So yeah, you need to know, though, how to convert your mask into the wildcard and I've already shown you two ways, one with a constant and the other one just if you already do that magic line, then the broadcast calc number is your wildcard mask. That's it another way. Let us use NaCl Right access list 10 standard access list permit a 10121210000. Let me permit that host. I want that host to be permitted.

Another way you can put that. Okay, access list 20. Let's say we want to deny somebody is everyone that either 10 dot one dot one dot zero network 00035. There you go. Wild Card masks in access list. Okay.

So they're everywhere. They're everywhere. You need to know how to use them nap configurations, let's say we're doing a whatever now then. Let's say we're doing pi paddle or not, not all right. So, how do we do that? So, we will IP Nat pool flies.

Okay. And there we go. Oh 10121211212121. net mask 255-225-2250 Okay, that's the mass. So you create an access list whatever. Well, I just do the whole thing. So, so we go access, so you can understand access list.

One permit. Ah 10 dot. Now let's do something different 172 dot 16 dot one dot 00000 to 85. We're using that entire network. Okay. And we're using that and then we'll go IP Nat inside Source lists now point to the access list.

Cool. case sensitive was magical word over a class or anything like that, but so you can see. So we're permitting, we're using Nat overload, which allows you 6435 plus people, okay? So or 65,000 plus people. Alright, so we're saying, hey, why not allow this entire network the whole 172 16 one network to use this one address? Okay to get out, we can mess things up.

How many people can use it now? Two. Buildings are now 14. Okay, so you can see when you're troubleshooting, right, especially in a certification or a real world scenario, somebody man I made a typo. And then I say listen, okay. Even worse, and I know there's not a knock class or anything like that, but they're supposed to be configuring Pat.

All right or not overload and they forgot to put overload. So not only one person, I don't care what this wildcard mask says, there's only one person you got to have that magical word. You know that magical word overlord after work, but anyway, but you know how to walk our mass, three different examples. OSPF. eigrp. Does that as well.

Same thing as OSPF. access list, whether it be extended or standard, and, or name and your net and your net walk on mass. We'll be using this but again, you have to have the concepts are converting from bit to decimal, okay? You need to know that table. You need to know that conversion, okay? You need to know how to subnet very well, because once you draw that line, that magical line, tells you everything and then I showed you another method Welcome messages using that constant and you're done.

That's it. Simple as that are to keep things as seeing the next

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