Summary of Section 2

3 minutes
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All right, welcome back. We made it through a minute through wasn't that hard? Was it pretty simple, pretty simple. A lot of memorization, pretty much. We looked at common networking, hardware hubs, switches, bridges, routers, wireless routers, access points, cables, right? console cable straight through cables, crossover cables.

Very, very, you know, basic look at it, right? These are devices that you'll be working with. You need to understand what we talked about, which was collision domains. hubs. disaster that goes is one huge collision domain, no matter how many a device how many hubs, you plug it into a network is creating bigger collision. Okay.

More and more hubs more and more collisions. All right. So that's where the bridge came in. Right? But it only has a couple ports, not enough ports. So you created a couple of collision domains, I still have one huge broadcast domain can separate that.

But a software base or something like that. But I'm talking about switches functionality, not just segmentation, functionality, VLAN security, that this thing called spanning tree, all these different things that these things these switches bring to us, right? Plus, we can have 24 port, we have four port switches, 24, Port switches, 48, Port switches, six port switches, all sorts of ports we want, right? And then on top of that each individual port is its own collision domain. That means you only get the bandwidth coming straight over there. And remember, similar devices like devices, we have straight through cables, dissimilar devices, crossover cables, crossover cables, alright, keep that in mind.

All right, so my cabling class but hey, just to give you a little, you know, boost if we saw what an IP address was, is a logical layer three address ress that we assign to devices where there be an end device or an inter networking device, we assign the IP addresses that we want. We can reserve IP addresses. I can DHCP reserved reservation, right and IP address and MAC address. We can do the on switch we can do on a router, we can do all that stuff. Okay. So that's what an IP address is, right?

It's 32 bits long. For artists, everybody does small we have 4.2 billion. There's classes of IP addresses, right? We have special IP addresses, which we cannot assign special. all zeros can assign the loopback 127 001. But all the 127 is taken up.

So we took up all those addresses. Okay. Do people use that either, once accidentally before can use other reserved classes a B, C, D, E, not f, g h i j k, oh, that was ABCD. Okay, and we know that we're looking at what the first octet or first octet is Okay, is what's going to tell you? It's a B, it's a C, it's a D, you'll know you'll never see any. Almost never on 99.9% sure you'll not see any.

Okay, that whole experimental Where am I? You know, you're gonna see a black spot on your backside sorry, looks like ah, and then we round it off with a subnet mask, which I said was the key to everything it will be and you will surely see that is the key to everything when it comes to summarization. vlsm so many wall car masking, all that stuff. So I'm gonna mask is the key to get the answers to whatever it is that you need. Okay, so this was pretty simple but interesting, a lot of memorization out really. You after a while doing it over and over again, it just becomes like your alphabet.

Okay, and you'll know it as well. Alright, so I'll see you next time.

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