Importance of Summarization

10 minutes
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Welcome back once again, now the importance of summarization. rather say their summarization will reduce the number of Route routes in the routing table. Yes, that's the whole point, taking all these networks, given a shorter prefix that will include all those networks. Now, we can go ahead and send that summary address our tour router and say, there you go. This address will include all these now, it is extremely important. All right, because now you have more efficient routing, there's less burden on the core router, error these just nicer, okay, for that poor core router, but hey, why take my word for it?

Let's go to the lab. Welcome, everybody. Here we are in our little summarization lab, not so little is it? We tell what's going on here. Okay. Everything Here is a VLAN everything here This computer is in its own network to 10 100 network and one one network.

I went to 213-214-2152 1617, and so forth. Every computer is its own network, just for the sake of time. All right, everything is using, you know, router on a stick, obviously, interconnectivity and all that good stuff. So we're using a routing protocol, ei GRP, autonomous system 51 to get across from one place to the next. But there's a problem. Because we're summarizing, this is the whole point of why I told you to remember those summary addresses.

Okay, those summary addresses because the reason for summarization to get a summary address, so we can go ahead and then take a look at our routers routing table. Alright, so there's no summary We haven't we haven't taken the summer dress and done anything with it. Okay, so let's take a look at our core headquarters routers, routing table show IP route. Oh boy, look at all those all those numbers is advertising OLS networks. So it's kind of like a yellow pages type of thing, where and there's more. Okay, so we have all these routes, right that if I want to go to any one of these, I have to go to a corridor, take a look and see where you want to go to which interface was sent you out by bla bla bla bla bla.

And then it says, You're that interface. So it's gonna go through a list that's burning this router. Obviously, there's not big enough to burn this router. But in the real world, or you have thousands upon thousands upon 10s of thousands or hundreds of thousands of routes. And the backbone routers, the internet routers, they're being burden, all right. And your core routers, if you're running BGP or anything like that, you want to make sure that you summarize because you don't want to burn your core routers, they want to take a look at one or two, some addresses and already know where to send it, where to send it.

So that's what we're going to do. We have so many addresses, we have the mask. So we're going to advertise the summary address to this router. And how do we do that? We do that by going inside this interface. And then using that so many address that we just calculate it and tell you Okay, listen, user summary address, you'll know about all these networks.

Okay? So let's let's go on and start doing that. Maximize that. So we're going to go config t interface s zero slash one slash zero. How do you know that last because this is planning, planning iceweasel ip summary address tab is your friend. What is the one next?

It's only support tarp? So that's Why does your pee but what about is your pee? Well, what I tell my system when you're running already system 51 Okay, well, what is the summary address? Well 10 dot one dot zero dot 00 Whoo. Okay 10 dot one does a funny looking IP address 10 dot one dot zero dot zero, okay. And what mask is that some address using?

Well it's using 255 dot 255 not 248 dot zero. Remember that it was, it was five 810 because it was by the four eyes We got 128 6432 16 eight, that's five 810. So because the line was between the eight and the four, so we have a 248 math. If you don't, this is wrong and you hit enter it will let you know Okay, look, something's happening. Something's happening. I want you to see something before we continue on.

Okay, let's go to our you will do a cover and start propose more in your certification. I didn't know why they do a Ctrl Z, but it's okay. Let's do a show start. All right. Let's make sure you know and capping cap all that good stuff. There we go with the serials.

All right, take a look. Here's our command that we just typed IP summary addresses up 5110 one 110 100255212480. What is this number anytime this number and how did this number get in there? That is done automatically. This is an administrative distance. This is the administrative distance of a sorry address.

What is the Minister of this is of Ei GRP. Let's take a look at that show IP route or should I be waiting forever Alright, the administer of this sense of eigrp is 90, right? It's 90. Therefore five is smaller. So it will take the summary dress before it take the routing table information. All right, show IP protocols like mesh.

Let's be sure that we are using 51. Because and we are are using 51. There it is right there. Awesome. So we did good. All right, so let's minimize this router.

Let's go to this router again. Still same interface. But now we gotta put the onus on us. Right. So I'm going to go config T, interface, s zero slash one slash zero. And then we go IP summary address.

What's next? Yeah, GRP. What's next the autonomous system. What's next? The summary address in this case is 10 dot one dot eight dot zero. The mask or I keep putting that Hello 10 dot one dot eight, that 8680 magic where my glasses are 255 dot 255 dot 248 that zero I can't tell you that that is not zero.

I can't say or stress it off. Make sure you put the right autonomous system, okay, and make sure you put the right math, you know your router will yell at you. If it's wrong, okay. But, you know, tell you now make sure that that's correct. All right. So we're putting in the summer dresses as the Lord minister of distance was going to believe the summer dress before.

He believes the information in the writing table do the administrative things at interface s zero slash 100 IP someo address next eigrp. The autonomous system 51. Then the actual address in this case is 10 dot one dot 16 dot 0255 dot 255248 dot zero, enter. There we are. We did all that good stuff. So what did that do?

To a router? You saw that a bunch of adjacencies or new adjacencies sort of happening. You see this Ross don't want your neighbor, your neighbor, your neighbor. And you see those taking the 50 won here. Here's a neighbor. All right, so let's see what's going on.

See what's going on. Let's hit a button. Enter a bunch of times here on the right table. Why Wow, look at that. Now, instead of having Oh routes. Now we only have three learned routes, right?

With a 21. Math, it's only submitted right by three bits is letting you know Hmm, okay, in turn 100, it's going to know that all those networks exist, it's going to know the 10 one eight, a whole bunch of other numbers exist. And that someone 16 is not at all all those other numbers exist. So things if it wants to go to the 10, one, three dot zero network artists, it's all I need to do all 10 100 21 that way, that quick, that quick, so you can make quicker decisions and you don't burden your router. That is the whole point. To summarization and to advertise those so many addresses.

With any routing protocol here we only use the eigrp but anyone in protocol, you can do that. Okay, and summarize it because we don't want to burn this guy. Remember your core router? A thing? Bass for speed he was just wants to send information left and right. Okay.

So that's the key or that's the whole point that we got the summary address that we summarized all these networks, right, each one of these networks, we did it individually, they got their summary address, and boom when he said the interface, and we went ahead and send it to the router. And the only reason I listened is because he has a lower administrative distance. So it believed that somebody's address over what's on the routing table. And that's why that rotten table in the corridor shrink to only three separate networks to make routing more efficient. I'll see you in the next one.

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