Summary of Section 6

3 minutes
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All righty, we've made it to the end the summary at the end of the course, but summary of this particular section. Alright, wow, we learn two things, man, we learn how to summarize. We did all those numbers, you saw that three segments, there was all networks in there. And we summarized it into one hour. It went from a 24 to a 21. With three IP addresses, you saw what happened.

You saw what happened. All right, but we learned how to summarize using the binary method. And then when we did the importance of it, that's what you saw the three different segments, right. Summarizing is extremely important, especially in medium size to very large networks. Because you do not want to burden your routers. Imagine if you have the yellow pages in front of you, and gotta look for a pizza place.

You got all those pages. Thank God for Google now, right? They haven't thought Look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, look, you don't do that same thing with 401 operators if they still exist, okay, they will go head on in the Pizza Hut on the corner of source, and they will for a logo, all that information. All right, not a database logo, but it still takes time and all those seconds, they will have that information for you. But they're looking through a million different things. The whole point here with summarization is for us to take 100 networks and make it into 10 networks, that also networks exist within that, because when they ask you a question, in a quiz or certification exam, whatever they'll say, summarize the following networks.

They will say that they're going to give you as many as I did, but you got the concept down. Okay, doesn't matter rules are out the window because they asked for contiguous no such thing. Okay. They'll put ours in there and then you got to summarize. Okay, maybe one summary, maybe two summaries, maybe three summaries. It doesn't matter.

As long as it's not 1000 summaries, maybe 50. It's a lot easier to look at 50 different things and 1000 different things. And that's what the point is reducing the amount of routes on the routing table. And when we did that lab and that simulator, okay, you saw that the administrative distance of a summary route is five. You didn't put I didn't put it in it, put it in by itself. Okay, because that's the administrative distance.

So that's why it will believe that route over the eigrp that's running globally on the router, because it's administrative distance is nice. So there's so many addresses, you put it in the interface, and you advertising it out, is going to put a five on there. So that will take effect instead of the others. So the other updates. Okay, so someone says is important. Practice, practice, practice, and you saw a little shortcut.

First and last first and last. Okay. He saw that I double check myself. You got to do it. You got to do it. You got to double check yourself.

Make sure things lined up ready to go. You're good. You're doing math, just do all the binaries. All you need is that first time last first and last. See in the next

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