Summary of Section 3

NEW Cisco CCNA IPv4 Course! Introduction to Conversions and basic configurations
3 minutes
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Okay, we made it to the summary of the session, what do we talk about? be converted? How easy was that? Get a cider. How many bits on four bits to 45 minutes to 48? Right?

Yeah, Lauren, that table, that table is gonna save you, especially when we start doing subnetting. Okay, planning. You saw the diagram, it was an easy thing, okay, but it could be a lot more complex, or less complex, but always look towards the future, to expansion, be able to upgrade, alright, to interoperate with different other types of operating systems or equipment. So these are things you need to think about when you're building a network either from scratch or walking into one as you never know what you may find and believing all the places that I've been, I've seen a lot of surprises. And when I'm talking about surprises, I'm talking about patch panels hanging off. Cat five cables just right off the rock, just hanging.

Alright, so, yeah, you really got to plan your infrastructure. Okay, that's key key key key key, you're gonna see it throughout your entire certification. So you get to the architect, okay, on all of you. That's cool. And then assigning IP addresses, that was pretty simple. We did a little silly thing with a web server there.

We turn on DNS, we created a host record. And we went on the browser to be able to, you know, resolve the name. Obviously, that's not how DNS really is done on a real DNS server. But you get the gist, the concept of it, but you got to put it in the right IP, because if I didn't put the right IP address of the DNS server on the other machine, I wouldn't have been able to get to that particular web browser. I wouldn't be able to run the web browser, the web page, I wouldn't be able to resolve it because it couldn't find it wouldn't be able to find at the end So you need to make sure that your IP addressing is correct. That is correct.

And gateway addresses to get out if needed. Obviously, it was using the last standard, okay. And then if you're doing DNS, make sure you have the appropriate DNS and you can use one or two or maybe more DNS is that you're using, okay, I don't think it'd be virtual for all you know, but a very, very important is this right here planning your infrastructure, they're all important, but they're not gonna ask you to convert. This is something that I need you to know that I need you to know how to do this. Because if you're asked a question, are you going to feel, you know, and they say, Oh, yeah, it's a cider 20 man, and you got to enter it in that a decimal numbering format. You know, there's calculator, I mean, nobody wants to see you do use a calculator for that.

That's what's going to happen. Okay. So that's it. That's it for the section. I hope you enjoyed it. See you the next one.

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