The Secondary Art Market (Module 2)

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The focus of module 2 is the secondary art market. The auction houses as the main protagonists of the secondary art market recovered very quickly from the pandemic in extending their online tools such as apps with augmented reality or online only auctions. The invented the "hybrid auction" and strengthened their private sales department.

Collectors and museums had as well quickly to adapt to the new art world. They encounter a new price transparency, new online tools and media (NFT) at the same time as restricted personal contacts and in some cases financial difficulties. The ongoing uncertainity of the
financial, social and political situation in most of the countries forces the collector to concentrate more on "safer" and older artists. Emerging artists are widely seen as more "unsecure". The museums still have to struggle with less income as the visitors did not get totally back to the pre-virus visiting rhythm. They are more active in the digital world as in offering new apps and virtual tools to the visitors.

We'll cover the following topics in this section:

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