Chapter -1 - ICF Core Competency 1: Demonstrates Ethical Practice

ICF: BAC (Become an Associate Coach) Become an Associate Coach
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When you delve into professional coaching, you will soon realize that the entire process prioritizes client-centricity, which means that the client is the most important aspect of the session. Practicing an ethical session is crucial to building a trusted coaching environment for the client to express themselves without feeling judged.

ICF highlights “Ethical Practice” as their first core competency in coaching. The first chapter explores the factors that contribute to coaching success, including ethics, morality, and the importance of psychological safety during a session.

The chapter also implores the importance of client privacy and security as part of the ethical coaching practice. Also, confidentiality is a foundational pillar of coaching ethics as highlighted by ICF. All of these are described in detail in this chapter.


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