Self Care and Mindset for the Busy Woman

Learn how to control your day, your emotions, your time, and your anxiety and stress levels for a more fulfilled life.

Self Care and Mindset for the Busy Woman

Learn how to control your day, your emotions, your time, and your anxiety and stress levels for a more fulfilled life.
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About the Class

A program for the busy woman who doesn't know she actually does have the time in the day to get everything done.

For the woman who feels that her emotions can get the better of her at times, there are 10 articles that will shed some light on some of the emotions you may be experiencing, from how to recognize if you are emotionally drained or exhausted to how to improve your emotional energy.

Please enjoy the audios covering emotional eating, "How to become a work at home mum" if you feel that a "9 to 5" is just not an option any longer, and the Cellulite Solution (this one may take away the worry if you're stressing about your body image with cellulite).

You will also find 5 x e-Books addressing your mindset and self-esteem and an e-Book called "breathe" which gives you the power to use breathing in your daily life to control your emotions and obstacles you are facing.

This program also contains 10 short videos to help you gain control of your life with tips and tricks to control your day-to-day and how to take time for yourself to ensure you have the tools to function every day. There is also a video addressing your mindset "Mindset Diet" to assist you in programming your mindset so you're ready for all the challenges which come your way.

And last, but definitely not least, 2 x hypnosis sessions, each approximately 20 minutes - "Rapid stress relief" and "Deep relaxation-calm" and positive (by clear minds hypnotherapy) which when listened to every day will start to re-program your mind for a healthier and happier life. These do take you into hypnosis and should be listened to only when you can relax (preferably just before bedtime) and not when you are driving or have to attend to important issues.

I know you will enjoy this package and it is my hope it will help many women, like yourself, to not only manage your day-to-day but to improve your quality of life in every way possible.

Who should take this course?

This program has been designed for the overwhelmed or stressed out woman to put some routine into the day and to control anxiety/stress levels and emotions that come with the day-by-day demands of family, work, friends, and obligations.


Marie Gilligan

Clinical Hypnotherapist and Life Coach
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Good Morning My name is Marie Gilligan and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, located in Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia. I currently conduct one-on-one treatments (in-rooms) and online programs via Zoom (wherever in the world I am needed). I provide a free consultation for all enquiries for 6 treatments or more programs,...

Class Contents

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Stress, Anxiety, Emotions, Health, Stress Management, Mindset, Self-esteem
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 4 hours 32 minutes
10 Videos
26 Audio Files
15 Documents
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