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Welcome back to one hour YouTube Pro. In this video, we're going to talk about how to get traffic to your video. I've got a nice little system laid out for you here that you can use to get traffic pretty much instantly to your videos. So let's check this out here. So really, if you want to get traffic to your video, then just follow these five steps. One, optimize the video in description.

Make sure that in your video title, you're using keywords using keywords in your tags. You're using tags that other popular videos in the same niche and for the same product you're using. And you're using keywords and keywords in your description. Okay, make sure you're using your keywords throughout but make it readable make it legible, don't just keyword stuff, okay, because that's going to keep your video from getting ranked number two you Fiverr gigs to create backlinks to your video. So I'll include a video here about Fiverr is really great website. You pay five bucks, people will pretty much do anything for five bucks.

One of the things people do is they will actually create backlinks to your videos. They'll create other links linking into your videos. The more backlinks you have, the easier it is for Google to rank your videos. Now, backlinks are kind of losing their sway and crappy backlinks from you know, other websites that aren't authority sites aren't going to help you that much. But having a lot of backlinks and especially having a lot of social media backlinks will get you ranked. So if you've got a bunch of Facebook likes, okay, and people putting your link on Facebook pages, then that's really where the magic is.

Okay, so Fiverr is a great place to just pay five bucks to have somebody give you, you know, 100 backlinks, you can also go on Fiverr and actually pay people to get YouTube views. YouTube views are going to do a couple things, they're going to get you ranked faster, obviously, because the more people that are viewing your video, the more Google's going to think that your video is popular and relevant. But also, the more views you have, the more social proof you're going to have. Because people are going to come to your video, they're going to see that you have 500 views. And they're going to think this is the video they should watch. It's not that complicated.

People in general, like to look around at other people to see if they're doing the right thing. And if they get to your video and there's only two views, then they may not even watch it because they don't want to be the sucker that's watching the video when nobody else is. So getting as many views as fast as possible, is a great way to get optimized. It's also a great way to get that social proof that you Need to actually get people to take action and watch your video and then click the links and go buy your product. You also want to put social bookmarks in. Okay?

Link is a great place to do this, we'll include that in the resources section, you can just go, it's pretty cut and dry, just include the social bookmarks, and then ping all of your links. Okay, so you can go to ping o And walks will also include that resource, but at ping ematic comm you can just take your video URLs, and ping that lets all the servers know that you've updated your content. Okay, that helps you get ranked too. So those are just some old school kind of SEO tips. If you've gone through SEO training, I mean, you've heard this stuff before.

But a lot of times we forget when we're making videos that we needed to do the exact same things that we would do for our page. Videos are easily ranked in Google. However you still need to do the stuff that you You would do for your website. So optimize the video, optimize the description, use the tags, use Fiverr to get backlinks and also to get views and social proof, put social bookmarks in paying all of your links and then just repeat this for every video. And I guarantee you, you're going to get the traffic that you need to make the kind of money that you want with YouTube. Now when it comes to optimizing your video, there's a few things we need to do specifically.

You want to name the video file, the keyword you're targeting. Okay, so we've talked about that so use the keyword in your title. Then you want to place your affiliate link in the description. So one thing I recommend you do is buy a domain that contains the keyword you're targeting and redirect it to the affiliate product. Now this is going to cost you about 10 bucks, but why would you want to do this? Well, if you watch the Clickbank video, then you saw how when we got our Clickbank, affiliate link, it was long and ugly, that's going to be a major turnoff for people, they're not going to click on it.

But if you buy your own domain called, you know, get ripped abs in 60 days calm. And then you just forward that to your affiliate link. People are going to be more likely to click on that because it's got the keywords they were searching for. But it also is short. It makes sense. Okay, it's not just some long string URL that really scares people.

Okay, so we want to make sure that we at least have a nice link for the for them to click on. Because when I go to the website that we want them to go to, there's going to be a nice sales page, they're not really going to be looking up in the URL to see that long affiliate string. It'll be there, your affiliate link will be there. But the sales page will kind of captivate them and take them into the process and then there'll be buying, but to actually get them to that sales page. We want to make sure that we have a good looking link that's not going to be scary and scare them away. You also want to use your keyword a few times in the description.

So, take that keyword and kind of sprinkle it in your description, okay, you don't have to make a really long description. Just make sure you use the keyword a couple times. Like I said before, don't stuff don't have the keyword in there 100 times, you know, that will hurt your rankings and also just annoy people when they come to your video and they look at your description and it's obviously just the keyword over and over and over. And then you'll want to create additional videos and host them on the same channel. Now this is key. You do not want to have a channel with one video in YouTube.

Okay, YouTube bases, their video rankings internally, and then Google vases the YouTube rankings on you know, obviously how many people are viewing your videos, your keywords, all those things, but also how many other videos you have on your channel. People are liking and subscribing to your channel. So you want to make sure that you're encouraging people to subscribe to your channel. So in your description, you may want to say hey, subscribe to my channel. Okay? This will get you more traffic when you release new videos.

Okay, so on your channel, you'll be releasing more videos, you'll have subscriptions, who have people liking your videos, encourage people to like your videos and subscribe. And that's going to help your rankings as well. And then, like I said before, by views, you know, spread this out over several days now just go by 2000 views tomorrow by 500 views today 500 views a few days from now usually it takes about 48 hours to deliver. You don't want to get all these views in the same day, and you don't need to buy a million views. You just need to buy a few more views than your competition hands. So go back through this video.

Okay, these videos these last few videos are going to be the most important to actually getting the traffic that you need. So go back through these, watch these videos, just kind of go through each step. And you're going to get your video optimized, you're going to get your video ranked, and you'll see the money start coming in. Now in the next module, we're actually going to talk about automating this whole system, and how you can outsource this and do this all hands free. So you can focus on other parts of your business. So you can take this affiliate income, and then you can funnel it into creating your own product, or whatever you want to do online.

But this is a really great way to start creating some extra income to really just kind of give you the choices that you want, and making the kind of money that you want. So we'll see you in the next video.

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