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4 minutes
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Okay, welcome back to one hour YouTube Pro. Just wanted to show you really quickly kind of what I was talking about with the video reviews and I went ahead and typed in truth about ABS to YouTube to see what popped up for me here inside of YouTube, but if you look here we've got a couple of YouTube advertisements up top. Now, all Mike Geary the guy who does the truth about ABS he, he actually picked a really good keyword that people actually search for. So that's kind of a little tip if you're going to start your own product like you know use a keyword many people were looking for because this is a video all about the truth about ads, but it has nothing to do with that product. Okay, this is a guy named Scooby who does 10 different myths about about apps actually pretty good video.

But if you come down here, we see the truth about ABS review truth about ABS Another review the real truth about abs. So, if you see here, we can click on this video. And you can watch this video. I recommend you watch as many of these videos you can get good ideas, but there's some really good stuff you can steal for one, you know, we see this guy's got almost 10,000 views so he's right, right underneath our parameter for now trying to outrank him now I'm not sure I'd go toe to toe with this guy, it would with 9454 views, that's still pretty high, but you can try. I mean, there's lots of other YouTube views. Like I said, so truth about ABS is a great product.

It's got a super high gravity, but a lot of people are competing for it. Okay, so you may want to find a product that still has good gravity, but it's not as competitive. I mean, look at all these different Mike Geary Truth About six pack abs truth About ABS story by Mike Geary This is actually a sales video, Truth About six pack abs by Mike. Review by Mike so lots of truth about ABS stuff going on. So, if you come down here, you can click on statistics now a lot of people block this now Okay, you can block these statistics so you can not show people what what you're up to with your YouTube channel, but some people don't. So you can click on this and let's see.

Here we can kind of see what kind of views Okay, we can see that it's been rising. So that's a good sign. We can come down, we see the audience. Top demographics, that's some good information. audience engagement. Lot of good statistics here.

Now it is pretty smart to hide your statistics. Okay, but not everybody does that. Okay, so we can kind of look, we can see the comments. One thing you can do if you're trying to outrank this guy, I like what this guy does right here, check out my channel for my review by the same program. Thanks for this one. Okay, so you can literally recommend people come check out your stuff.

Okay? So unfortunately, YouTube recently removed the feature that shows tags of other people's videos when you're watching them, which used to be a really great technique. We used to be able to go in and take tags, and actually use those tags in our videos, but it looks like they have removed that feature. So we can't necessarily do that. But there's still a lot of good information if someone's showing you their statistics and they haven't blocked statistics right down here. Also take note of what shows up when you type in a certain keyword, so when you type a truth about abs, that's a good way to know what videos are ranked.

I mean You can go in and see. Okay, these videos are all ranked for truth about ads. You can try different keywords, see if the same videos pop up. And that's going to give you a kind of a good idea of what tags are actually being used here.

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