From Betrayal to Choice and Voice One Day at aTime

Learn how to manage triggers, set boundaries, communicate assertively yet empathetically, and to define your relationships.

From Betrayal to Choice and Voice One Day at aTime

Learn how to manage triggers, set boundaries, communicate assertively yet empathetically, and to define your relationships.
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About the Class

Is this course for me?

Welcome. If you are a woman who is dealing with betrayal in a relationship and its fallout, or other unfathomable events that have rocked your world I am honored to have you.

Your greatest wounding is to believe that nothing that you experienced with your significant other was real. You experience an out-of-the-blue grief response to the sudden loss of what you thought was your life. At some point, you need to mourn the relationship you thought you had. Reactions such as anger, sadness, numbness, or craving to go out and cheat yourself show the humongous loss. The betrayal wound causes you to no longer trust your significant other and yourself. You have many questions: Was my relationship with the one who betrayed me an illusion? What's my sense of reality that I did not see the dual life of the one who betrayed me sooner? How could I have entrusted myself and my family to a person I did not know?

You've done the right thing by choosing this class: you will learn some very simple, easy to do exercises with your body and with your mind which can be done at home, in the office, or whenever you have a spare moment to deal with the complex situation of betrayal and its fallout.

What will you learn in this class?

This class focuses on helping you manage triggered emotions stemming from betrayal, set clear boundaries with the one who hurt you, and define how you would like your relationships to look like going forward. You will learn to communicate empathetically yet assertively and to make requests that will help you heal and move forward.

Benefit # 1 of this class:

Learn to de-activate emotional triggers from the betrayal. Get your life, sleep, sanity back.

Benefit # 2 of this class:

Learn to identify and communicate clearly what you will/will not do, and what changes you need to see in your relationship.

Benefit # 3 of this class:

Learn to re-establish trust in your judgment and with healthy people or those who wish to get healthy.

What you'll get in this course (Your Deliverables):

Step-by-step handouts about

  • Trigger management;
  • Defining and setting boundaries;
  • Communicating empthetically and assertively face-to-face and online;

Videos that walk you through each handout.

You have been wounded on so many levels. At the same time, betrayal trauma is not your fault.

I look forward to having you,


P.S. For other questions about me or what to do when you run into difficulties, visit my LearnDesk profile.


Sibylle Georgianna, Ph.D.

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Clinical Psychologist, Certified EMDR Therapist, Certified Sex & Multiple Addictions Therapist, Certified Clinical Partner Specialist | CEO and Director of The Leadership Practice, Psychology Consultations Inc and its affiliates, Sexual Health of Orange County, CA and Tools for Sustainable Vitality Inc. | 20+ years of experience in working with...

Class Requirements

You should have a device with an internet connection.

What's Included

Language: English
Level: All levels
Skills: Negotiation Skills, Management, Communication Skills, Emotional Control
Age groups: 18+ years
Duration: 48 minutes
13 Videos
20 Documents
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