Lecture 5

27 minutes
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Hello, everybody and welcome in the fifth lecture, and now we're going to put the shadow of the man. Before we do this, we're going to do the same as we did with the labs, we're going to talk about the lights and how it's going to deal with the shadow. First, we're going to create a layer underneath the painter. And like this, we're gonna talk about the lights, the source of light, and how it's going to intersect with the perspective of it, his legs in three lamps here, and here, and it's gonna intersect like this goes there, and here. It's gonna make like a little square there. And the lights gonna be like this.

So it's gonna give me three shades. One, it's going to be harsh and the other is going to be mid tone and Third one's going to be really blurred. And how can he do this? I've got to do with the pen tool and start with the shoe. I'm going to draw the shadow. See like this tool just focused, how to make it look like the real shot of the man.

To scrub, hurry here, come on back shoe. All right. I'm not doing the straight, ugly but anything that screwed we're gonna do it better in the next step. This the curves. I'm trying to do the wrinkles out the teens, but I'm gonna fix it later. And I'm gonna cut it right here because all the rest I'm going to take it into gradient Like this here, here and here.

Okay, looks good and we're close to the shoe. And that's okay, that's better. Okay, a selection. And I'm gonna take the eyedropper and take the dark torn out the background and it can make it multiply and then fill it. Okay? And now I'm gonna take out the unrealistic things and I'm gonna put some realistic wrinkles.

As much as they can. Yeah, put some more here and take out from the ankle. Leopard. More for the jeans. Smokers to appear as wrinkles Using the razor tool to do this, it's easy but needs focus. Okay, and now more and more just focus in every step.

Okay? And so loud and so man prepared you know get up put some more here and we're gonna pick out some of here to make the wrinkles looks realistic as much as we can. Okay and I'm gonna put planning option the planning option helps me to appear texture, it doesn't get anything of the highlights but it makes a nice mix and a blend with the background and it keeps the texture that's why I use it. See, does it affect the lights but makes a nice Land. Yeah, okay, that's good. All right there.

Okay. Makes makes me feel like three sets of the men. Gonna make a layer mask use the gradient to delete some of it. Yeah like this Okay, a little bit more. A little bit Okay, that's good all right good with this bad just put some more oh so bad zoom in just see if there's nothing more or there is more. Okay, that's good I'm gonna use the third tool to blur the edges am blur the whole shadow a little bit this you can do those with a Gaussian Blur but I use the tool because it's fast then it gives me saves time.

Yeah, all right, like this, okay like this, because simpler also works well look at this. So, if you need to try this or this, it's your own your own to what you like. And we're gonna call it shadow number one. Okay, and I'm gonna use the pencil again to create the second shadow of the middle lamp. And as we said, it's going to intersect with the first shadow right here. Okay.

With this one, it's going to the right there. I'm sorry, I need to be more focused with these steps. So it takes time. Don't get bored. Okay, I'm gonna cut it. Clip it there a little bit.

They're here, here. Okay. It was close. There. Okay, that's good. And selection and do as we did before, fill it with a background layer and we can multiply.

Okay, and blend again, blended, blended, blended till the texture pump out. All right, it's good. Okay, okay, where there are good making a mask and gradient delete a little bit. Okay, and I'm gonna use the smudge. Yeah, want to use the smudge? smudge to stretch it a little bit so that it becomes more realistic and then use the gradient again.

Yeah, to delete it. Yeah, that's better. That's way better. All right, that's good. Yeah, that's good. Okay, Okay, here we go.

And we're gonna put some more here, put some more, put some more. Good put some more. Okay. All right. We'll close and we're gonna do it put some more here. See these tiny things?

I was gonna jump on the next layer but I can't miss these tiny things it's poured it's so important to put some wrinkles here and wrinkles there, this bird and lead as we want. Everything is under control. guiltily there. Okay, so, zoom out just to see the difference. It's good. All right.

And I want to add to the pen tool, small shape to the shadow Fill it. All right selection and fill it. Okay. And I'm going to use the brush can just fill this small part, okay right here. And then I'm going to use the blur tool to blur the under the edge. Because something boring need to know that the closer shadow to the man needs to be harsh and strong and it gets faded when it goes away.

So we need to blur the end of it more. And I'm going to create a layer and make it multiply. And we're going to put some darks on the show. Why do this got the shadow of the leg affects this side, as we said and as we talked about the perspective of the lights. Okay, good. I don't get to call it shadow.

To Perfect. Now I'm gonna make third shadow. And yeah, the source of light from here and use the pen tool to make light there and as we said, it's gonna be less than the others and gonna stretch it a little bit here. Okay, and then bump bump bump bump there, okay? We're actually with the same shadows, okay. here and selection threaded.

Okay, and multiply. Make the blend mode and blended. See the texture? Okay, and yeah, okay and make the plastic 10% Use the gradient and delete these parts. Okay? That's fine.

Okay, just put some more here. All right, that's better. Put some more there. Okay, we're doing fine. Just some gradient here and here. Okay, we'll get back to this layer and add another one and make it multiply.

Then we're gonna put some shadows here using the black tones just appeared that the man is standing over there. It's not just shadow and light needs to be some half tones between them. Yeah, like there. And on the show. It's important to draw on the show Make it realistic that this man and this shoe it's on this ground. Okay?

For their ID here, okay? Go do fine. All right, it's good. Okay, that's fine. Come in, okay. can create another layer beneath the painter to make and multiply and also a little bit more down the show.

Yeah, it's more, more, more, more of it. Okay, more of it. That's fine. As I said, we're gonna put some shadows in there. That creates a nice smooth mid tones and shadows. So reprimand is really standing over there.

Just be patient. Okay, make the less tool and select the sports and legit the build up is the sport. Okay, it was the brush can put some shadows but more yeah used to brush it here, here. Okay. And now we're gonna use this layer that would put shadow in it to put more here on the shoe. Okay, more on the shoe good to hear hear more More there so that the shadow pumps from the ground into the leg.

No. Okay, some more here. So well see, we have turn, we're gonna create a new layer. It gets so close. Use the brush tool with a black color. It's a little bit there.

Yeah, here, here, here, here. Okay, over there and over there. All right, it's about all season ahead. Okay. All right here. Okay, that's good to hear.

All right. And I'm gonna name it shut up. Do a bit a bit shadow. See after before All right, that's good. I'm just gonna check some layers, I think reduce the pasty 80% is good. Yeah.

Okay. Get me through something. All right. So I'm gonna get back to shutter one. close and open it again. Cam pasty define Good.

All right. Yeah, we're gonna blend more a little bit. Just love details. I'm sorry about this. Okay. All right, that's fine.

Thanks Close it and open it again. Just take a little bit out from here. Slide it up a little bit. And here we go. down, just make it smoother. All right.

Get back to the Indian channel and just put some touches. All right, that's good. And I'm gonna close it. And here it is all of it. Okay. It's going good too far.

Is closed and open and again, all right, close and open. Just checking. I'm sorry about this, but uh, like to check my stuff. Okay, and just submit. Okay, okay. Okay.

All right. Well, so in just all right. Let's take all of this and put it into group on painter. That's fine. Now for the fun part, we're going to get the brush file and drag it to the Photoshop, open it and copy it. Here.

Flip it horizontal, free, transform it and make it size smaller like this. So mins of n. All right, and make its width 33%. Yeah, that's good. Okay, flip it again. And we're gonna take it with the pencil. All right, use the pen tool.

I know we spent tools so much today, but we need it. All right there and there. And it's not gonna be be tired. We came a long shot with the pen tool. So this is going to be easy for all of us. I'm gonna take this curve of the here, the brush and the other curve here.

Okay. Hmm. Get to the silver and the body of the brush. It's easy. go here we go. Here we go.

All right, we're there. And make selection. Okay, make feathers 0.8. Okay, and deleted. Then we get back to the layer and we call a brush in a group and the layer brush. That'll make a mask, make a selection of it.

Go to Select, Modify. By contract one pixels and just take out to the mask the feather. Alright, the edge of it, it's gone. And that's good. I just want to get back some stuff here. I'm sorry for more details here Okay, delete a little bit of the edge yeah okay that's good and apply layer mask okay with a little bit and that's good.

In just want to compare here. Okay. So in this part see this tiny party I will make less tool and we copy it in a want to make it a little bit taller over there. And put it right on the brush. Okay. Yeah, we're carrying it.

But do you see the yellow brush there? I want to take it out. I don't want to see any yellow color. So I'm gonna use the stamp tool here. Take this out and use the cloth to jump on it. All right, like this stamp tool, stamp tool.

It's like magic man. So here and here, okay. And from the cloth from the cloth, here, here, okay. Want to see it or doing a good job? Here. We're here.

We are doing a good job. So let's continue. Right here here. It'll want to see in yellow. Okay, that's good. Beautiful.

Now get back to the brush. And we'll zoom in, make the pasty 83 you know, satellites better just to see and make a layer mask. Just delete the hand part. using the brush. Stop that hard. Just be careful and just concentrate using it.

Okay, there we go there. It's gone. And him. There. Take it out, take it out. Just feel the support and take this part out.

All of it, all of it with the brush tool. It's easy for a little bit. Right? Voila. And it's here. It's easy, just like magic.

Okay, that's good. only gonna use two now hue saturation. I wanted to set you Read it, make it black and white. Right. And just to one, the black and white on the hair of the brush, song, take it out and use the curves to darken it more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more. All right, that's a good tone.

So I'm gonna make a layer mask. And I'm gonna do with the brush the place that I want it to be, which is only the body of the brush. It's good over there. That'll want to protect the silver or the hair of the brush. So that's good. We're gonna create a new layer, make it soft light.

I want to make the highlights and the shadows to be to give it more volume and more dynamics. Yeah, see this. It's better. And some shadows by using the white and the black colors. It's easy as we did before. Here on the hair easily there, there there.

Okay, some highlights there. All right, that's good. Okay, okay. All right. That's lovely. Okay, and just delete this color doesn't have to be this harsh.

Okay, so min to see what we're doing. And going good. That's good. I'm going to create a new layer, make it Clipping Mask multiply and I just want to darken the silver I didn't do it in the top float guys to get an affected so in the multiply it well. That's better. Okay, more dynamics.

Yeah. Now you feel it's like around the bush. anymore. The hair a little bit in the hair a little bit. highlights. Okay, that's nice.

Okay. And we're gonna put some torque here, the edge 10% opacity, just some details, some small details. another layer, make it so slight and put also a little bit of rim light. Small rim light, we can make the big rim light now, but just take it step by step. Don't rush it. And here, just erase a little bit here.

Okay, that's good. It's better to put a little bit here on the lights. Okay. That's good. Okay, that's good. Take care.

In a bit of here, don't make it this harsh. Okay, get back to the multiply layer and make a shadow of the hand on the on the brush and the other hand on the brush here. Okay, that's good. Okay, now, it looks real. It looks like it's hand handling this brush for you. Okay, talking over there a bit.

That's good. And we're gonna use the curves again. To make the rim light as we did before we're gonna get it so white, so white. Okay, and we're gonna do the same procedure, as we did it before. Like this easily. Okay.

All right now brightening up the layer mask and select the Brush layer. Play a mask first selected, go. Then, yeah, go to this to the layer mask. All right and go to Select, Modify, contract and make it one pixels. Then fill it. It gives me the nice from light before and we're gonna take out of it a little bit to make it smooth, make it more realistic.

We need only edge of it. Don't need it here and all. Crystal a bit a bit. We don't need it. There. We don't need it here.

It's all needed here. Of course it all aged here, just need a little bit of it. Yeah, this tiny highlight, talk the source of light is going this way. So it gives me this smooth highlight on it. A little more depth for the shadow. and here also for the shadow to the saturated a little bit and reduce it.

Just a more. Okay. And we'll get back to this layer and just put some shadows don't get me Bored. I promise you to be something different. Do something that you will love. I surely this Oh, get this one just decrease it a bit.

Okay, it's now getting more realistic. Now this and this is the brush group

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