Lecture 2

25 minutes
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Hello, everyone, let's start our second lecture was thought making a big shape in the printer. You can do any shape you like anything. Now let's do it. We're gonna use the pen tool. Yeah, we're gonna play with the curves of the printer. Yeah, why don't make these curves, of course to do it to make the form of the printer right with the shape, you know?

So, like this. Yeah, that's good. And another curvy part down there. Yeah, man here, and another arrow, make selection, create a new layer and fill it with a blue color. I chose blue because this striped tone for the whole mood, you know, we're gonna we're playing with the mood. So with the blues, like this, so I like the blue color.

We're gonna deal with some things here. We're gonna use this tab to fill it up not to make this tiny hole. Yeah, that's good. All right, and the other here is the stamped course is all to know and fill it like this. Alright, that's it, we're gonna get back to the layer group it, pick a load selection. Go to Select, Modify, contract, a make it 30.

Okay, make an inverse and press on it. To choose this part only. Make a new layer, fill it with great color. Okay, and just select we need to pick By pencil to brush the outline edges so we make selection after we finish the part and fill it, yeah. Okay see this part is scrubbed the original printer. So we take patch two and we deal with it in a second and a lot selection of edge layer and not selection to make the edge shape mesh the camera angle make select inverse A use the eraser tool to remove the margins.

Yeah, like this. Yeah, that's good. Okay. All right. That's good. And see the style report.

So we use pen tool, too, to take out this part. Add to fill this part also. It's good that we need to create shadows that highlights to the edge to look steel. So we're gonna create a new layer and we use the pen tool, make a clipping mask and take this part, all of it and, of course we didn't hide. So we're gonna use the brush to give me You know, when you fold down up there, and they're they're nice shadows to give me the real look. Yeah, right here.

The selection over there. A gonna go up there. To the edge to fill in with the printer. That's gonna need time and need patience. So that's what we're gonna give it a little bit here. A bit down.

Yeah, just deal with the curves, s curves. Good deal less clear curve. So we're going to deal with it as curved. And they're just a little bit here. Because this is down on the printer. So it's shadows, more shadows, and over there and over there.

A little bit to the edge over there. And remember, some layer alone. Start on the edge layer. Clipping Mask course. And it's here. Yeah.

Lighten up a little bit. A little bit shadow here. All this choosing brush, white or black colors. That's lovely. They're just some pop. They're up here.

And a bit there. And a bag of chicken. Oh, yeah, that's nice. It's lovely. Over there. I think we're getting close.

Lovely, lovely. Yeah. Go there. Yeah, stick it out here. Yeah. Cool.

Okay. And we go here, here all right. Some dark places here. Okay that's one big brush like this, okay? A little bit here okay? Don't get bored when you see the outcome is real or feel that you want to put more touches or play with it more.

That's what I'm doing here. It over there so without zooming in, okay, no, they're right here. See board after this lovely touches of Plex gives me real and now This part, you have to miss this one big selection here. See over there to give me the nice form out, up and down. Yeah, see the difference? That's beautiful.

I love this one. So they're down here. Okay, make selection of the edge and modify contracts for pixels. I want to make highlights. So I did all this and we're gonna create a new layer with white and I want to take out this edge so we're gonna use the pen tool over there, over there. to stick with me the patience over there over there.

There Hear it here. Okay. Yeah, color pen tool. Come on be quickly. Alright, our echo echo echo was almost there. Yeah, take this mood and easily hear a word lead.

Inside Part A, we keep out the outside outside. And we gotta make a mess can to leap a little bit of it. Because I need the highlights to be smooth. I don't want it to be this harsh. It can be like this is gonna be to the trail, you know? So we need so to lead a little bit here.

A little bit there. See, see this. Smooth highlights gives me more realistic look. I like this over here. See the stones? getting too close to the toes of the printer, which is so lovely.

All right, they're there. Yeah, a little bit here. A bit down here. Yeah. Gets me the smooth forb right. That's good.

Okay, okay. Yeah. here okay. And we're gonna Blur Gaussian Blur for it. Or pixels is good, so it's faded. Now we're gonna create a new layer Clipping Mask, and I want to add a little bit noise, just not to be solid, you know, fit in with a printer.

And when you look at the printer, you'll see that it has noise. on it, so we only get this far. And we're gonna choose 60%. Great. Overlay and then to the filter noise. Add Noise 2.5% Take a good look on it.

Yeah, it's good. I like it, but when a blurred a little bit so we're gonna go Gaussian Blur and make it 0.3 pixels. That's good. And super important to make it on a 50% gray layer. And now we're gonna put some details, some textures. A, I'm gonna take this texture on it, and I want to make it so slight, but it's too harsh.

It's too big. I can't put it this big, so I've got to enlarge it a bit. Make it more smaller. Yeah, that's good. All right. Lovely.

Move a little bit to the right. And 30% good. And I want to take out a document a little bit of it. Yeah, that's good. before and after. And I want to take out some edges of it.

So that I want to duplicate it again, doesn't get me the same harsh edge, but it gives gives me smooth and softer. So I want to duplicate it. Yeah, see? That's good. Put it there. Put it everywhere.

On this edge. Yeah, like texture gets me more to the mood and deal with it as you love. Just you wanna have the little bit, take it out, put it on it and of course Clipping Mask. gives me the sheep, the right one on it. That's good. Over here and over there, see the difference?

Start solid anymore. So that's nice. And of course noise is not enough. Every detail he put in it gives a better look. And you see before this merged it got back to normal so it can soak light. Yeah, see difference.

And now I want to put some details. So going there, this before and after, just want to make sure that everything's fine. Okay, that's good. And I want to need a little bit of pair and just put some No that's fine okay, we're gonna get right to the printer I want to take this part and put it up but under the noise and under texture to get affected with it in a little bit to take the shape of the town part a little bit here a little bit their school as I said and lead this part just want to see you know the this black and white thing and I took this color this gray color just to match the color of the printer. That's good. Okay, I got back a little bit of the history of it.

To be like this or delete some of an alphabet, that's good eraser to some part of and I want to solve the edge to appear fake. Okay, that's good. See difference. And I'm gonna take the pen tool. Take the brush size, the same brush size and same black and press enter. It gives me the black.

It's good. Yeah, some DPS. Makes it Lovely. Lovely. I love it. Just a little bit, but more.

Yeah, that's good. And we take this part I don't affiliate with Same are the printer. Yeah, that's good. Gives me a whole you know? So that's lovely. Yeah put it all with that can be can't have any highlights because it's down it's in the blacks in the shadows.

And that's good. All of this is good. Yeah. A little bit blacks I guess. More shadow skin more. I love it.

All right, some highlights. Just delete out a little bit. Okay. Okay, that's good. I think we're close enough here All right, that's good. I'm absolutely happy.

Let's go to the next step. I need to divide the shape into three parts. Yeah, like this. So I'm gonna use the pen tool from the start to the end to make line to know the perspective of the printer with a table. So I'm gonna press enter to give me a white in a new layer and get it down a little bit. And now I know how to start.

So I'm gonna use pencil again, make a straight line, press Shift, take this part and for me, this would be Yeah, and just get back to To the basic layer and copy it, put any color you want, anything doesn't matter just know the difference and get back again. Delete the white from here as fast in this, also copy it here and make any color. All right, we have now the face to side and the ground. we group them. difference, okay, and we're gonna call the space and this side. We're gonna take this whole part of the ground and also copy it and rename it slower.

Now I'm gonna get the basic color that I chose from getting and close these two layers. And now we're going to add the wall texture to use it on three faces. We get the texture image, we drag it into Photoshop and we get it down rasterize it and it's saturated and clipping masks on the floor layer and just get a little bit smaller fit in to the right perspective of the printer and of the floor. Your search it right here. Right there. Yeah, we're getting close.

Over here a little bit. Just focus on the perspective. This is the most important thing in our process. And our structured here, elected up like this Lovely. I like this. Right?

See this tiny part, the story part? Fix it now. All right, that's good. And we're gonna make a post deploy. Yeah, there's a blue toilet part fix it now. Yeah, that's good.

Yeah, don't kind of make it 50% I love this and we're going to add another image, another texture, but it on the Photoshop. This would take this part only this quick selection that's what I need and copy it and delete the rest. I put it up just to touch and burn just to see the whole image. And I use dodge and burn to make a plat because I want to put my own shadow on my own highlights. I don't want to any distraction of any picture. Dodge you know I use dodge just clean it just to clean to me to make it flat to make all the shadows and highlights, like a mid tone like a great on this easily.

Okay, that's beautiful over there with a big brush, just play with it over here, okay? We got to skate it two times because I want to use it with the side and the face, also a clipping mask on the floor layer and put it also on the same perspective and the other one like this. To give me more live, more life for the structure, every texture you put gives you more details lovely details. As a mentor, see where we do well this mort and take care of this tiny things they would miss out and multiply. Then we're going to jump on the side layer, bring a texture image, and it's loading. Right?

We're gonna put it up just to see the whole image in front of us. And pre transform it, get it down the bed and rotate it to fit in the side layer. This right, we rasterize it. Okay, and we're gonna use the touch again to make flat same whole process we did in the floor. We're gonna do it in the sky on the face the same of it. I'm gonna put my own chairs and my own highlights.

But it's not gonna take time like the floor. But just give it all the time it needs to create it once to use it also in the face and clipping mask to the side. Just put it on the right edge. Like this. Okay, that's good. And we're gonna stretch it to be in the right perspective.

From above. And get it out a little bit. Okay, it's getting close. All right, I'm gonna smaller a little bit. Okay, that's good. ammo supply.

Yeah, see this tiny blue part? We can fix that right now. Yeah, here we go. All right. That's nice. Okay.

And also this one opened on the face clipping mask and put it on the right perspective. The same whole process again and again and again. Okay, it's down there. A little bit from here. Slow the lovely, right. Okay, we get a smaller little bit just be careful.

Okay, that's nice. Yeah, we're now have full fully will texture on the three phases then multiply. Okay, lovely. Okay. And do you remember the two layers? Yeah.

They're gonna put it also on the face and the side to be the same as before. Hear perspective, right? Okay, stop bad. Okay, that's good. And multiply and the other one, also on the side clipping mask and do the same process. Smaller little bit.

Just use the edge, stretch. Okay, stretch from above, as we did at the last picture. Okay, that's good. All right, and multiply Now do you see the texture? stripe? We have to be careful yeah like this tiny part can ruin the whole process.

We have to be careful. This just fix every detail in it took a long shot on this nice

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