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Hi, I'm Matthew done on the co founder and chief explainer, at say it visually. And what I want to share with you is a series of lectures I've created on how to run your business on cloud systems. We run a multi person company with people all over the country. We started it and we grew it right through the recession. And in no small part because of the capabilities cloud computing gave us as a business. I spent decades in the IT space, you can read my bio if you need a sleeping pill.

And I'm convinced that this is revolutionary time for small to medium sized businesses used to be only big corporations could get the capability and make the capital investment for IT systems. Now you can get better capability and costs that are directly tied to the growth and size of your business and do it as you go. Frankly, we've got clients in the fortune 100 and fortune 500. And almost invariably, we've got capabilities that they don't I think you should have the same capability to run and grow your business. I think the more people that try and create a business around their passion and expertise, get it up, right, the better. So I'm going to share with you the principles and lessons and some hard knocks and some specific recommendations that come out of both five years of running this company.

And as I said, a couple of decades in the IoT space. Before that, we'll cover foundations, things that you should sort of set as a base for all the systems to come. We'll cover core business systems that are available in the cloud banking, accounting, invoicing, stuff like that. We'll cover collaboration and work between people and people and potentially clients and in some degree of integration and information flow between systems. It's relatively early days there's lots of hype it's very difficult to make informed choices and not get yourself kind of boxed in and and oh man we have to rework I think we can help you with that on it. I've worked hard at this stuff, and I've tried to lay it out in visuals.

So despite the technical information, it's easy to follow. I hope you enjoy it. And I hope it helps you grow your business. If it doesn't contact me within 30 days and we'll refund and do let me know if there's additional things you want covered. So I can create additional lectures, hit those topics and add them to the course. Thanks.

Enjoy, go grow your business.

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