Worksheet 5: Wrap-Up

6 minutes
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So now we have the fine worksheet here where your sales copy will appear. So let's go through it together. as your primary headline, you should use the one that best elevates your big idea. So I in my version I wrote do you dream of a green home but think you can't afford it? So it's a question question headline. Addressing clearly the target audience.

And below the headline, you can add an Ingress or short description text to elaborate on the headline. And I wrote think again, with Butterfly eco homes you can as a direct answer to the question headline. And then I wrote a short description text to elaborate on the headline even more. If you're dreaming of an environmentally friendly forever home, we're here to help you get it. Butterfly eco homes are beautiful modular houses. Do you can expand and adapt to your changing needs over time.

So now let's go back to the benefits you listed, pull out a subheading for each benefit and make sure each of them is as powerful as your hero headline, focus on one benefit per paragraph and write a short compelling story around each one of them. So remember, we did this in the features and benefits worksheet, where we combined the features with the benefits with the connecting phrases. So before I move on to talk about the benefits in more detail, I wrote a lead in subheading, introducing the benefits just to make sure the reader keeps on reading and to make it a bit more interesting. So I wrote this, this subheading five reasons why butterfly eco homes are the smartest choice for First time homeowners. And again as you can see, these were the headline types we looked at in the headline worksheet, and I could directly use it from them.

So the first benefit is stop paying rent are smart energy saving designs bring down your living costs considerably. And then I added the add more space subheading. When your special needs grew over time, you can expand your home with our modular building units. And then build your home in just a few days. With already made components you can set up your home in a few days instead of waiting for months. And finally, live a greener life.

Choose an eco friendly home and you will live a healthier life with a smaller ecological footprint. So these lines sum up the main benefits. Addressing the right audience, in a very simple and straightforward manner, and I could take these directly from my features and benefits list that I outlined earlier. And in this area, I introduce the products themselves. In other words, the different home models, the three home models that a lot of like Homes is promoting, with a short descriptive text below each subheading. And then we have the evidence section.

And I've written another headline here or subheading here, how butterfly eco homes save money and nature. And then I've listed the most important facts and numbers that support this claim. 15% lower price foster construction, big savings on electricity bills, much less construction waste, Andrew cyclical building materials. So those are all very strong arguments. And then as my call to action, we need to push the reader to act with a call to action. And now it's time you return to your big promise, problem or solution once more and bring out your biggest benefits.

You can either state the price of your product or mention a guarantee if you can give them so this is what I wrote. Ready to see what your dream home could look like. Get your copy of the butterfly ecomes brochure and start planning your dream home today. This brochure will tell you everything you want to know about different housing options and their prices. If there's anything you want to ask, we're here for you. We'll help you choose the home that's just right for you and guide you all the way through the building process.

So as you can see, I've used a very friendly, trustworthy tone here. Like I outlined in my copywriting brief initially. And then I asked the readers to give their name, email address, phone number and location. And then when they hit the sent or Yes, send me the brochure now button, they will get the brochure in email in their email. So that wraps up my sales copy and my landing page for butterfly ecos. Now I can go back once more to my copywriting brief and check that I've covered all the main points and key questions.

And I used I have an attention grabbing headline there using the question formula. Then I listed all the key benefits and use subheading for each benefit, then I also tie them in with my main features, using the connecting phrases to make it more readable and to make the text flow nicely. And as proof to back my story, I used some key statistics. And then finally, I pushed my reader to take action with the call to action, where I returned to my big promise. So that's my final piece. And I'm really looking forward to seeing your versions in the Project Gallery.

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