Lesson 4: How to Write Irresistible Calls to Action

5 minutes
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So as we've established, every single sentence in your sales copy must lead towards the call to action. If they don't just leave them out. When the reader reaches the end of your sales copy, you need to tell them what to do next. You also need to tell them what they get in return. The call to action or the CTA contains the words with which you can urge your reader to take action. So that's why they are often written as commands like submit, click here, or sign up, or learn more, or fill this form.

I'm sure you've come across a call to actions like this all the time. You can and you should actually be more specific. in print marketing, the call to action is often asking readers to go to a website or call a number and ask for Websites the call to action is typically a button or a link at the end of the page. And the reader needs to click it to perform the desired action. So the CTA always asks, or even demands, response or reaction. And you must have a call to action in your sales copy.

If you leave it out, you're copying becomes inefficient and incomplete. So let's look at a couple of examples of how to do it. So now let's take a look at a couple of examples of call to actions. Here's a pop up from opt in monsters website where the call to action button clearly states the benefits increase my conversions. Even though it's not exactly clear what happens when you click the button. It takes you to a page where you can download the optimization tool But it does arouse your curiosity.

Plus the supporting copy with the high number of websites over 700,000. Using OptinMonster is quite convincing. This example is from Brian Tracy's website. He's a business consultant offering a free ebook with a compelling title, The Power of Habit, seven steps to successful habits. As you can see, all of the entries in the introductory list on the left are actually written as subheadings using the same headline form as we just looked at, and managed to grab attention. Also, the call to action on the right download now is quite standard, but it's very simple and straightforward.

And the number of total downloads the 60 over $68,000 loads below the CTA button is quite an impressive number. So that works as a great piece of evidence. And here's another example from Moz. With a very clear command as the headline drive more customers to your website, followed by a short second line of copy with Moses all in one SEO tool set and the world's most accurate SEO data. And finally, the CTA button is written in the first person, start my free trial. So very straightforward again.

Finally, we have this very simple but also very effective example from Neil Patel's website where he grabs attention with a very simple but yet irresistible question. Do you want more traffic? And well, who wouldn't want more traffic So all you need to do is give your website address and you get crucial data in return about your website. So now after seeing these examples, let's break down the techniques they used and see what your call to action needs to do. First of all, you need to clearly state what you want your reader to do next. And you also need to clearly tell them what they will get in return.

Focus on the benefit and highlight the reward. Support your button text with a punchy second line of copy like testimonial unique offer a guarantee or how this action is risk free. Keep it short, and use short action verbs. These specific create a sense of urgency using words like now or today or some Other time limit for an expiring offer, for example, and write the button text either in the first or the second person. I guess it's a matter of taste, whether you choose the choose to use the first or the second person. But studies have shown that using the first person in the button text is actually a bit more efficient.

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