Lesson 1: How to Write a Copywriting Brief

1 minutes
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Carefully thought out brief, helps you understand your audience better, and also what you're really trying to achieve with your sales copy. It also helps you eliminate all the unnecessary elements that prevent you from seeing the big picture. It it's like your guide map that helps you navigate through the entire writing process and stay on track. Typically a copywriting brief would include quite specific details and requirements about the project about the client, what to include and what to leave out the unique selling point or the value proposition of the company. And also some metrics that are going to be used to measure how successful that campaign or the project and then she was. And the more accurate and detailed the brief, the better the results even though It may take some time and research and even some soul searching from the client side.

It's definitely worth the effort. In this clauses we are going to write a relatively short piece of sales copy. I'm going to use a fairly simple copywriting brief as my example

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