Worksheet 3: Headlines

7 minutes
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Okay, now we have the headline worksheet here. What you can do now is go back to your features and benefits section and take out the top benefits once more and see if you could use them as inspiration with the example formulas below. So let's have a closer look at the formulas I have listed here for you. As the first formula we have the news headline with two examples. And last page, build a plugin that fully supports SEO most subscribers guaranteed Introducing the new surface laptop to now available in black. So words like new introducing at last guaranteed.

Now they work really well with a news headline so I heard a couple of headlines using this formula for my imaginary company introducing a green tiny home that you can easily expand. Finally an eco home you can afford and build on in the future. So as you can see, I've incorporated both the benefits and also the feature, the benefits of eco friendliness and how you can afford it and how it benefits you in the long run. Next we have the How to headline which is really really popular among copywriters. And the simple reason is that it just works so well. So we have two examples here, how to quit smoking forever with the new doctor fresh method and then the next one, how to Get Fit at home in just 10 minutes a day.

There are quite bold promises with both of these headlines. Quit smoking forever. And then there's also the the company or the method name is mentioned Dr. Fresh method. There's also the word new. And then in the next one, we have a bold health promise how to get fit at home in just 10 minutes a day. So the promise relates to better life and quick results.

So I tried out this formula too and came up with this, how to build a butterfly eco home in just five days. So you can see that the promise of the easy building process is included in that line and also the brand name. And the third formula we have here is the list or reason why headline five facts why our customers stay on the safe side of economy. Three burning reasons to renew your subscription within the next 24 hours. Numbers are used in both examples and they give specific information and also imply that these are quick to read. And also there is a sense of urgency when there is some kind of a time dimension used.

So I had to go with this one as well and wrote five facts why butterfly eco homes are the smartest choice for first time home owners in addition to the five facts The name of the company is mentioned again. And there's also quite a bold promise of the smartest choice. And the target audience is clearly addressed here to first time homeowners. And the fourth one on the list, we have the question headline, which is also a widely used formula. Do you make these four common mistakes with your teenager? Are you paying way too much for your energy costs?

These formulas work really well because they address their audience right away. We can see with the first one that it speaks directly to teenager parents or guardians. And my version for the question headline is, do you dream of a green home? Thank you can't afford it. It clearly addresses the target audience. It talks directly to them.

And the next one on the list, we have the command headline, which is also a very efficient technique. Answer these 10 questions and work out the date of your death knock 20 years of your age with our new age defying diet program, especially with the first one is a bit shocking, even. So, it's definitely grabbing attention. And also, the second one appeals to a certain audience of a certain age and that's why it works really well. And my my version of this formula was live in a green home that grows with you and in value. So the benefit here is relates to the expandability And how it's a good investment in your future and how you can expand your home in time.

And then there's the last one we have the why, when and how headline why this is the best mattress ever for back pain, and how working from home can save you $4,000 a year or more. So obviously if you are having back problems you might be really intrigued to read to read all with the first headline. And then the next the second one contains a bold promise about big savings when working from home, and I had to try out here as well. Why butterfly eco Homes is the smartest investment in housing. How butterfly eco homes can save you $4,000 a year In living costs, I have outlined my features and benefits. I could easily bring in the top benefits and also some features into my headline examples and variations and create quite compelling versions of them.

So now's your turn. Go back to your benefits and try out different variations by using these examples. And if you like, you can share them with others in the project dashboard and ask them to vote for the best ones.

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