Worksheet 1: Copywriting Brief

3 minutes
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So as we go along, I recommend you either download or print the worksheets included in each lesson. So you can fill them out as I'm filling out mine. And I have printed out the copywriting brief template here with all the questions and I'm going to use my imaginary client, an imaginary company called the butterfly eco homes as my client as my project example. So the name of my client is butterfly eco since my imaginary company that I'm going to use throughout this class as an example. And they sell energy efficient, eco friendly, Tiny Homes that you can expand over time. And my task is to write a landing page for their website, where they where they advertise their homes and the overall concept and the purpose My sales copy is this is still a startup company.

So they are still building their customer base. They want the readers to give their email addresses and names and other details so that they can gather information about the people who visit their website for later marketing purposes. Audience is first time homebuyers who want an environmentally friendly home. As for the tone of voice, it should be friendly, obviously. Down to Earth and human and useful, but also trustworthy. That's very important.

What is the biggest pain point my readers might have? They are not the wealthiest customer segment, for sure. So they fear it's too expensive to buy or build their own home and living a greener life so they have to continue living on rent. And the biggest benefit of butterfly echo Homes is that they can help these people become homeowners earlier in life and build a clean home they can actually afford and expand their home over time as their needs change. And that's for the main features of this product. They butterfly eco homes are economical, expandable and sustainable and much faster to construct than traditionally built homes.

That's for evidence, as this is a startup company. They don't have any testimonials yet. So we are going to show some statistics of how the price is 50%. Lower, much faster to build. There are clear savings on electricity bills and much less construction waste. And the best of all, all the building materials are recyclable.

Just one tip before you start filling out yours, try to answer all these questions as shortly and clearly as possible and then share them with others in the project dashboard. If you like

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