Module 3: Video Lesson

Effectiveness of Job Search and Interview Skills Module Three: Building Your Resume
3 minutes
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Module Three building your resume. Your resume is one of the most important parts of the job seeking process. Whether you are chosen for an interview or not depends a great deal on the professionalism demonstrated in your resume and the language you use to communicate your skills, abilities and experience. In your resume, you must put forth the strong impression that you are the best option for the company's employment needs. Basic resume formats, there are a few basic formats worthy of consideration for writing a professional resume. essential information to include full name and contact information, telephone numbers, email and street address and fax numbers if necessary.

If you have a professional website, this would also be important to list. avoid putting social networking sites that are for personal use. Work Experience related to the position you are seeking work experience not directly related to the position you are seeking. This shows other skills and experiences you have and your larger picture of work history, education and schooling relevant to the position a summary of qualification or skills and abilities you bring to the job awards and recognition references, you may choose to say references available upon request or list them on the resume itself. chronological style resume. One traditional resume format is a chronological presentation of your work experience and qualifications.

The following is true about this form it lists the specifics of your work experience in reverse chronological order includes work history and education. Many organizations and human resource departments prefer this method, combination style resume, focus on the target position or job. Present your capabilities that are required to that position relate your ability to do the job regardless of when the skills were last used to research about the position sought include job titles and dates of employment. There are different formats for students entering the workforce for the first time. Some formats help people moving from one level of responsibility to higher levels in the same career. Still, other things formats are helpful for professionals changing from one dealing with awkward points.

There may be gaps in your employment history that create tension or awkwardness. If you have such gaps, you may decide that the combination style resume works better to draw less attention to these hiatuses of employment. Careful and creative wording can help present special circumstances in the best possible light. Honesty is the best policy if you are asked to explain times of unemployment for any reason, such as extended illness, disability, incarceration, or just times when you could not find a job checklist for success. Does your resume do the following? Clearly present your full formal name contain your contact information.

Present your work history in an easy to understand manner. Give a summary of your educational experience with the institutions and degrees earned. List other experiences you may have that can contribute to success on the job. list your skills, abilities and qualifications in a clear and organized way. Provide the names of personal references if needed. Case Study.

Jordans pin fell too heavy to lift after spending what felt like years on his resume. He was applying for a recently posted senior management position. Unable to lift another finger, Jordan put his head down on his desk and threw in the towel. Cheyenne noticed Jordan and wanted to help refill his creativity engine. Together they worked on some bright and inspiring phrases. Jordan perked up his idea spilled out of his brain and breathe life back into his resume.

Cheyenne recognized some additional skills that Jordan had not seen in himself and they added them to his resume. Jordan and Cheyenne had the resume up and ready for action and it gave Jordan a great boost of confidence.

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