Why is Self-Awareness the Key to Health?

7 minutes
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Welcome to the journey to awareness. So why is it that awareness is the key to health, happiness and healing? Well, here's the problem. We're not aware of what we're not aware of. We think we know ourselves. But actually, we only know about 10% of ourselves.

In other words, we're only about 10% aware of our mind, body, or emotions of spiritual self, which means we're actually 90% on aware. Now, this causes a problem when it comes to recovering from illness. And most of the reason that people are not recovering from illness, believe it or not, is because they don't know what they don't know. So what is it that you might not be aware of? Well, for a start the incredible self healing powers Over the body, most people have no idea that their body is a self healing mechanism, which is designed to heal itself, given the right conditions. They also don't know what it is that's causing the symptoms.

So whatever their symptoms are, if they don't know what's causing them, they're not going to find a solution. And if you've tried 100, different things, and nothing is working, then it's a sure sign that there's some missing information, and you're unaware of something. So there's this unawareness of what you're unaware of. And also, what we don't know is what it is that we need to do to turn off symptoms and turn on the self healing response. Well, the good news is, all of this can change, and we can become aware and of course that is the key. So here is a really important statement.

All healing is a awareness, becoming aware of what you were previously unaware of. And then you have new choices. So what is it that you need to become aware of? Well, to put it in a nutshell, anything, which is unconsciously causing harm. Now that includes every bit of stress inside of you, every negative emotion and emotional patterns, which are causing stress and toxicity, every thought which is creating negativity and stress, and every habit, which leads to stress, don't go into overwhelm when you hear me say the word every, because we just start one step at a time. And we certainly don't have to change all of that in order to reduce and clear our symptoms.

But we do need to start doing it. And then once we've cleared our symptoms, we continue to eradicate the stress The negative emotions, the negative thoughts, and the unhealthy habits, and that then prevents illness happening again. So that is what preventative medicine is all about. So our job is to remove whatever is unconsciously causing harm. Because if we cause harm to our body, it will start to create symptoms. So what is the journey to greater self awareness?

How do we take this journey? Well, we could say there are four parts to awareness. And this is very similar to describing how one learns to drive a car. Initially, before you start learning to drive a car, you're unaware of what it is that you need to do to drive the car, because you've never really had to think about it. And then you get in the car, and you go, oh my goodness, I don't know what to do. And you become aware that you run aware You realize that there's a lot to learn.

And so you start learning to drive the car. And it becomes quite familiar to you. And so you become aware that you're aware. And then you get so good at driving the car, you become unaware of how you're doing it. It's just automatic. So this is the journey to awareness.

And this is the journey that we need to take inside ourselves if we want to heal ourselves from illness. So let's look at these four steps to awareness in regards to health. So first of all, we're unaware that we're unaware. And what are we unaware of? Well, we're unaware of the harm and the damage that we're causing ourselves. we're unaware of the effects of the stress and the negative emotions and the limiting beliefs and thoughts and the unhealthy lifestyle habits which have led to the body losing harmony and have led to dis ease turning into disease.

So the first step is we're unaware that we're unaware. And we don't even know this. And then we start to become aware. And we become aware that we're unaware. We know we want to get better. We have a desire to change.

But at the moment, we don't know how we don't have strategies yet. And we're still quite blind to what we could call the issues in the tissues. In other words, we're still quite quite blind to our habits, to the stress to the negativity to the emotions, but we have a desire to change. And we have an awareness that something needs to change. And then we start to become aware. And this is the learning action change transformation phase.

This is where we start to take action, we start to do things differently. We shed old ways, we expand our beliefs. And this is where the chrysalis starts to turn into the butterfly. And this is where you're going to start to see the results of the new ways, and the action that you're taking. And then the new becomes the new norm, the new ways of being and doing and thinking and feeling, they become the new norm. And you have new understanding a new perspective and a new reality.

And this becomes your new norm. And then you become unaware that you're aware, because it just is it's the new you. Now, this is the journey to self awareness. And it is the journey that we need to take if we want to become well. So as I said before, all healing is awareness, becoming aware of what we were previously unaware of Then we have new choices. So the journey to self awareness and to healing oneself is to delete what was unconsciously causing harm, to delete the stress, the negativity, the unhealthy lifestyle habits, and if necessary, toxic people from our life.

And remember, this is why we heal a person, not a health condition. Why we heal a whole person's life, not an illness.

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