Why we heal a person not an illness

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So welcome back. In this video, we're going to look at what is holistic totality root cause recovery approach, which is the approach to healthcare that I've been using for many years now. Now in this particular video, we're going to be focusing more on the word totality, the concept of totality. And in other videos, we'll be looking at holistic, and root cause recovery. Now, I'd like to start by sharing a quote by Arthur Schopenhauer, where he said, all truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed.

Secondly, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self evident. And the reason I like to start with this quote, is because some of the concepts and ideas that I'm presenting may be new to you and for some people, They're going to land very easily. And they're going to think, wow, that just makes so much sense. Why didn't anybody tell me this before? It seems so obvious.

And other people are going to think that's ridiculous. In other words, they're going to ridicule it. And that will be because it doesn't fit the current paradigm, which is their belief system. And that can be down to a lot of reasons. It can be due to our past experience, or social familial conditioning can be due to many reasons. But when we're presented sometimes with new information, which is outside our current belief system, we won't believe it initially.

But eventually, if something is true, it's going to be self evident. Now a great example of this is the fact that centuries ago And not that many centuries ago, people believed the earth was flat. And that was because of their experience, and how they'd actually experience the world through travel. Now, why wouldn't they think that with their means of travel, that was how they view the world. And then somebody presented to them a concept that the world was round. And the person who presented this concept was actually put in jail for several years.

But of course, we now know that the earth is round, and we would think anybody was completely crazy for saying that it was flat. So this is a great example of how a new truthful concept can seem absolutely crazy. But once we come to understand the truth of it, it's very real. So what I like to do in my teachings is To bring new perspectives. And one of the reasons for this is a very well known saying the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. If we've been trying something and we've not been getting a result, then it means whatever we've been trying has not been working.

And we would be wise to look at things differently and try a new approach. So, are you ready for a new approach? As I mentioned in the first video, we heal a person not a health condition, and we heal a whole person's life, not an illness. This means we're going to have a very different approach from just trying to treat symptoms. So think about this for a moment. What difference will that make, if rather than addressing the symptoms, you're going To be looking at your whole life, you're going to be looking at you as a person in totality.

What will this mean for you? Well, as I mentioned before, what if your symptoms are healthy? And they're actually part of the solution? What if your body hasn't made a mistake? And what if symptoms are not random? Would that give you a different perspective on things?

For example, rather than seeing your illness as something wrong and bad? Could you potentially see that there is an intelligent purpose behind the symptoms? Now, the way I see things, there are two levels of illness. There's what we call the end result, which is above the surface and is what we can see. And there is the cause, which is beneath the surface, and what we can't see Every plant has roots. And those roots grow for some time before you actually see the plant appear above the ground.

And then there's more growing to be done before the leaves and the flowers, and maybe the fruit actually appear. Now, this is exactly how it works for illness. And many people are only focusing on what they can see, which is the symptoms. They're only focusing on the end result, but they're not looking beneath the surface. And by doing that, we're missing a huge chunk of information. So remember, symptoms are the end result, whether it's the pain or the fatigue, whatever those symptoms are.

And the root cause is actually hidden beneath the surface. And what if it's our job to identify the hidden cause and to pull out the whole plant by its roots. And what if it's your job to understand the hidden causes and to pull out the roots? What if you had a part to play in this? Would that be a different approach for you? Because in my experience, in order to affect total recovery, we need to pull those roots out.

Because if we don't, if we're just trimming the leaves, then the roots stay in the ground, and they can grow again. If we really want to get rid of it, we need to pull those roots out. So the end result, the symptoms, the health condition, the diagnosis, we could call that disease. And underneath the ground hidden is the cause, which is the dis ease and that is how this is growing grows into disease. It's really simple. disease is the manifestation of a deeper unease or dis ease.

So how do we heal a whole person and not the illness? Well, we look for and find the root beyond physical causes. We need to go beneath the surface, we need to go deep. The symptoms are at the surface, and that is what we're noticing. But the actual cause the root is well below that. So the end result is physical symptoms of pain, fatigue, whatever those symptoms are.

But the cause is beyond physical it is meta physical. So how do we affect this holistic totality, root cause recovery? And how do we heal a whole person rather than the illness so that the illness actually goes When we address the whole person and their whole life, well, we're going to have to look at that whole person's life. Because whatever is manifesting now as symptoms, whether they've been here for a few days, few weeks, few hours, maybe few months or years, they are still the flowering of the plant above the earth. We need to go beneath the earth. And that will be going back in time.

And what I observed through many years of clinical practice, and nobody told me this, it was something that I kept observing and seeing over and over again, is that these roots are started in childhood. And that makes sense really, because their roots, they're the beginning. And what I observed was these roots grow in the first seven to 10 years of life. Because they're beneath the surface, we have no idea that they've grown. But they have. And that doesn't mean the symptoms started back then it means that the foundation for illness later in life was laid down as a foundation just like laying the foundation of a house in the first few years of life.

And this is very, very fascinating. And this is why I love doing the health detective work. Because what we do is we go and look to discover these roots so that we can pull them out. And that is what we do in the root cause analysis session. So remember, we heal a person, not a health condition, we heal a whole person's life, not an illness. I look forward to seeing you in the next video.

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