Physical and Meta-Physical - What does this mean?

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Welcome back to this series. And in this video, we're going to look at the difference between physical and metaphysical as far as symptoms are concerned, and not just the difference, but the connection, and how every cell tissue and organ in the body has a dual function. Now in previous videos, I talked about root cause analysis, and we looked at how symptoms are often the out flowering or the outgrowth of something which is hidden and deeper and often unseen. And how symptoms are the end result of something which started a long time earlier when the roots started to grow. But we didn't know those roots were growing. And we also looked at how we heal a person, not a health condition.

How we heal a whole person's life, not an illness. And when we affect healing on all levels, we go beneath the surface into the deep. And that's where we get clarity. And the confusion goes, because all of a sudden, we see the bigger picture. And that's what we talked about last time, was how we search for and find clues to solve a mystery. And we piece all the pieces of the picture puzzle together of a person's life.

And when we do this in root cause analysis, and we look at that whole person's life and everything that has happened to that person, then we get a total picture of their life. And then we see what needs healing in that person's life. So now we're going to look at the physical and metaphysical functions of the body. How it has this jewel function. Now the first person or one of the first people to bring this information to light many years ago in the 70s was Louise Hay. When she wrote her book, you can heal your life.

And this was actually one of the first books that I ever came across on my journey to heal myself back in the 90s. And I remember very distinctly, at the time, my flatmate had just read the book, and she came up to me and she said, hey, I've just read this fabulous book, do you want to read it? And I opened it up at the first chapter. And I started reading the words on the page. And even though they were in English, I didn't understand anything. It was like I was reading a foreign language.

And I didn't know why that was at the time. But it just didn't appeal to me. And I said, Thank you, but now That just doesn't really grab my attention. And I gave the book back to her. Then a year later, I was in a bookshop. And I saw the book on the bookshelf, and I picked it up, and I opened it up.

And I opened it to the exact same page that I'd looked at a year before. And I understood every word on the page. Now, what would happen there? Well, my consciousness had shifted, my consciousness, unbeknownst to me had somehow opened, and I was ready to receive this information. And it made sense. And this is a really important point.

Because until we're ready to receive new information, and new perspectives, and new ways of looking at things, it will not make sense. And yet later down the track, the same thing can make sense. And this is why I quoted in one of the previous videos, one of my favorites Quote, all truth passes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Secondly, it is violently opposed. And thirdly, it is accepted as self evident.

And this is what happens with our consciousness. When we're not ready to see something or understand something, it won't feel true, it will feel impossible, unreal, maybe even ridiculous. But when we're ready to see something, then it will be self evident. So, what I've learned over the years and nobody told me this growing up, is that we are more than a physical body. We're not just a physical body that is mechanical and that breaks down. And that was the concept of Newtonian physics.

We are multi dimensional and the way that I like to Look at this, there are many different ways of looking at it. Many people could draw many different types of charts for this. But the way that I like to look at it is that we have five core parts. And we have our spiritual self, which is whatever that is for you that will be different for each person, how we perceive that. We have our physical body, which we know we have our emotions, which most people know. We have our mind, which is our thoughts, our beliefs, our paradigms, our programming, our conditioning, our memories, all of that I put together and call the mind.

And then we have energy, which is not really talked about a lot in the Western world. But it is a big theme and the overriding paradigm for Eastern culture in terms of medicine. So if you go to India Do they call it prana. If you go to China, they call it tea. If you go to Korea, they call it Qi. All these Eastern cultures are very familiar with the concept of energy.

So we have these five parts to ourselves, which means we're a multi dimensional being. And this is really important in terms of understanding this jewel function of the body. So what we can say is, every cell tissue and organ has a double or dual function. It has a physical function, and it has a metaphysical function. And I'm literally talking every cell tissue and organ. So we could liken this to saying it has a biological function, and a bio logical function.

So what does this mean in terms of health and illness and healing? Well, it means our body isn't just a physical machine. It means that Symptoms are not necessarily caused by something physical. Even though the symptoms we're experiencing are physical. In other words, we can feel a certain pain, or we may see certain damage to the skin or to the organs. The original cause is something deeper.

And it's on a metaphysical level. And it's more hidden. It's the root cause. And this is where the start of the symptoms come from. Now in our body, we have many different systems. We have seven different systems all together according to Western science.

So for example, we have the muscular skeletal system, the nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, reproductive system, etc, etc. And in order to demonstrate this concept of physical and metaphysical I'm going to Use the digestive system, because it gives a really good example of what I'd like to share. Now, interestingly enough, the digestive system is one of the most primary systems in the body, because it's to do with survival, survival through taking in food and water, and then eliminating what we don't need. And if you think of a very basic organism, like a worm, for example, it has a digestive system and it also has a reproductive system. And it relies on those systems to survive and to procreate the species so that the species survives. Now, this is the same for human, we have this digestive system and also the reproductive system, and they're very, very essential for our personal survival and also the survival of our species.

Now, if we look at the functions of the digestive system, physiologically, the digestive system runs in one unbroken tube from the mouth to the anus. And not a lot of people think about that. So we have the mouth, the esophagus goes down into the stomach, goes through the small intestine, the large intestine, in the rectum and the anus, and that is one long, unbroken tube. And this physiological physical system has a very clear job. And that job is to take in process and digest food, and then to eliminate waste. Now, that is the physiological role of the digestive system, and most people are pretty familiar with that.

But what people are not so familiar with, is that on a metaphysical level, the digestive system takes in processes and digests our life. In particular, it has to process and digest our emotional life. And once it's done the processing and the digesting, it has to eliminate and let go of what we don't need. So this is the metaphysical function of the digestive system. So we could say that the metaphysical function mirrors the physical, biological function. And this is really, really fascinating.

When I first started to learn this, I was blown away. And it just made so much sense of everything. And once you hear it, you think, wow, that just makes so much sense. Why didn't I know that before? Well, basically, because nobody's told you because it's not taught in schools yet. It's not taught in medical establishments yet, but hopefully in the not too distant future.

It will be so If you have a digestive problem, what you may have to ask yourself is what emotional issue? Am I not digesting? For example, what am I finding difficult to swallow? What am I finding difficult to let go of? Okay? These are the sort of questions that we're going to have to ask ourselves.

Because whatever is happening in our life is having an effect on every level of our being. Remember, we have the mind, the emotions, the energy, spiritual side of us and the physical body. And you can't separate any of those levels within you. They're all completely interrelated and they overlap. And that means that what is happening on one level is going to affect every other level simultaneously. So this is a very brief introduction to this concept of metaphysical and physical and this can be applied to literally every cell tissue and organ in the body.

They all have this double function. And this double function has been mapped to various parts of the brain. I'm not going to go into that in this video, I will do another video where I talk about what we call the four different emotional conflicts which map to the brain. But suffice it to say that everything is interconnected in the body. And whatever is happening emotionally in the body affects a certain part of the brain. And so we can really say, our issues are in our tissues.

And I don't mean handkerchiefs. I mean, obviously, the tissues of our body. And we can really say that our biography becomes our biology. And, as I said before, and now you'll be able to understand this more and more we heal a person, not a health condition. we heal a whole person's life, not an illness.

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