What if different symptoms and diagnoses are connected?

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Welcome to this installment of the water f series. And in this video, we're going to look at how many and even sometimes all symptoms we may be experiencing, are interconnected. And what this means if you want to get rid of them. Now in previous videos, I've talked about how symptoms are often the out flowering, the leaves, if you like, or something that is at a deeper level. And what is at a deeper level is the root cause. And as we know, roots are under the ground, and we don't see them.

We see when the flower grows or when the tree grows, but we don't see the roots growing. And in order to really fully recover in a holistic way. We need to pull those roots out. And as I've said before, we heal a person, not a health condition we heal a whole life, not an illness. I'd like to share more about what this really means in this video. Now, our current conventional medical system, which is doctors, hospitals, etc.

What they've tended to do is to take people to different departments or units. So they may have the spinal unit, the orthopedic unit, you've probably noticed that if you do go to a hospital, it's separated into many different units or departments. And very often what will happen is that people will be sent to a different unit or department depending on the type of symptom they're experiencing. But the problem with this is that each symptom that that person is experiencing and they may be experiencing multiple symptoms is often addressed separately. And this is not a holistic way of approaching things because we can often miss vital pieces of information. And what I'd like you to consider if you haven't looked at things in this way, is what if all the different symptoms you were experiencing?

If you have a whole range of different symptoms? What if they were actually interconnected at the roots? Have you ever thought of this before? Because a lot of people haven't. Now, we can often have a multitude of symptoms in one health condition. And often that is called a syndrome.

When we have a syndrome, that's a lot of different symptoms all clumped together, and then it's given a name, such as, for example, chronic fatigue syndrome, or irritable bowel syndrome, or Fibromyalgia syndrome. These are syndromes. So when somebody has or is diagnosed with something like chronic fatigue, then they will have multiple symptoms. And I'm going to show in a moment how they're actually all connected. We can also have multiple symptoms and health conditions, which extend over a period of years. What I mean by that is that at a certain age, we may have X health condition.

And then a year later we have something else. And a year after that we have something else. And five years after that we have something else. So for example, when we're very young, we may have sore throats and ear aches and get the flu a lot. And then we might might start having other conditions like urinary tract infections, and Candida, and then we might start having back pain, and a whole range of different symptoms and health conditions. And this was actually what my life looked like.

When I was young. I had a lot of different ear infections, and a lot of sore throats. Then in my teenage years, I started experiencing very extreme Candida and urinary tract infection. I went to specialists and it was very painful, and just a horrible thing to have to go through. And then in my 20s, I started experiencing asthma and allergies and urticaria, I also experienced shingles. And later in my 20s, I started experiencing depression and anxiety and also started having back problems.

And then also glandular fever. It was just one thing after another. And as I was to discover later, much, much later, they were all interconnected. At the time, they were just individual health conditions, one after the other. But as I came to understand the root cause of illness, and how most illness is set up in the first few years of life, in other words, the foundation for the illness is set up in life, and then it just plays out as various symptoms and health conditions. Later in life, I started to put all the pieces of the picture puzzle together.

And I clearly saw that there were connecting dots between all these illnesses, which I hadn't seen at the time. And this is really interesting. And it's also really important if you want to understand the real root cause of your illness, and what needs to happen to truly clear all of this. And this is why I've discovered we need to look at a whole person's life. We need to look at everything that has happened to that person, literally from the moment they born, to see how this string of events and this string of illnesses are actually interconnected. They're not random, separate happenings.

And if we look at this diagram, you can start to see What I mean, there are connecting lines connecting all the different health conditions, which seem really separate. But actually, they're all connected through a web of the underlying root. And as I explained before, what we need to look at is, well what happened in that person's life? What happened in their childhood? What were the events that happened that were traumatic or upsetting? That then created a sense of unease and stress and disease, which later started turning up and turning into physical symptoms, because dis ease will become disease eventually, if we don't clear the unease.

So I hope this can help you see how many symptoms are connected and interconnected at the root. And once we've identified the roots, then we can pull the whole client out. By the roots and it won't grow again. So we heal a whole person, not a health condition. we heal a person's life, not an illness.

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