Echocardiography for the Non-Cardiologist Introduction to Echocardiography
1 minutes
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A brief introduction to echocardiography, why you should learn it, and what we'll be discussing in the course.


Hello and welcome to basic echocardiography for the non cardiologist. My name is Muhammad and I've been a practicing cardiologist for eight years here in nature performed over 800 echocardiography studies. As you probably already know, echocardiography used to be a tool used exclusively by cardiologists. But times have changed, Echo machines have become more available and powerful, and more and more specialties have started to dive into this field. And it's time you did too because it's a rapid, inexpensive and non invasive method that can help you guide the management of your patients more effectively. This course is designed for the non cardiologists it's finally it's a comprehensive course, but it's designed to be as simple and as focused as possible.

We're gonna be concentrating on the most common questions you're going to answer and the simplest place to measure. I'll ask the universe less than two hours of your time in this course and by the end of it, you'll be able to answer several important party questions about your patients and detect a variety of life threatening condition. In the next lecture. We're going to To know the echo machine and how it works. See you there.

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