What to Eat to Lose Weight

Learn the most important aspects you need to know and apply to be in control of your weight for life.

What to Eat to Lose Weight

Learn the most important aspects you need to know and apply to be in control of your weight for life.
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About the Class

Are you still confused about what to eat to lose weight?

Do you always feel hungry, tired, with mood swings and feeling with no control over your weight? Powerless? Are you still wondering how to apply all the misleading information about weight management? Still, trying to figure out what you can or can’t eat?

Have you been trying to lose weight for a while but everything seems to fail? Do you feel hopeless? Or even scared to eat? Are you tired, exhausted of trying to figure out all by yourself?

Do you want to know exactly what to do to feel free rather than trapped in your own guilt? I know that because I have been there. Deep down you know you have to do something because there is no miraculous pill or magic wand waiting for you.

It is time to step out and learn what you have to do to be in control of your weight by using a system that takes away all the guesswork out of the implementation and secures your success with a system easy to understand, learn and apply for life.

This is my A to Z blueprint to learn exactly what to do to be in control of your weight:

  • Taking control of what you eat
  • Not having food cravings
  • Knowing exactly what to eat
  • Learning how and how much exercise
  • Mastering how to increase your metabolism

I have many success stories, and that can work for you too. What to Eat to Lose Weight course has been designed to help people that have already realized that diets don't work and there is a need for something else. That something else is to really learn what is the science behind weight management and how to implement it to have results. That's what I have done for you in my What to Eat to Lose Weight course.

I have studied and analyzed all the science behind weight management and how to apply it and I have developed my own exclusive program to teach you all you need to know, in a way that it is easy for you to understand, assimilate and apply for life. With the help of many of my students, I have been able to make sure that I am addressing exactly what you need to know in the most appropriate way for you to succeed.

One of the things I have learned from my students over the years is that some of you don't have the time to follow a full program so you need a concentrated course to work on the most important aspects of weight management but still see results soon.

The 5 modules inside 32 Mondays Weight Management Intensive "What to Eat to Lose Weight":

In Module 1, you will learn exactly how much you need to eat and the composition in each meal so you respect the portion sizes not being hungry and not having food cravings while eating enough food to feel healthy and energetic.

Module 2 is all about all the practical stuff you want to learn so you can always have healthy and tasty food available no matter what, so you can stay away from the addictive and manipulative high manufactured food that is making you sick and tired. I will give you all the tools and strategies you need to know to make it happen and I’ll demystify for you the “power” of willpower.

In Module 3, you’ll learn how and how much you need to exercise so you don’t get exhausted or you lose your motivation but you can still take all the advantage of exercising and have a super active metabolism. I will show you how exactly get the maximum results using the minimum resources, including some very simple exercises you can do at home on your own.

Module 4 is all about sugar, carbs and Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load. I will teach you exactly what you need to know so you can master all those concepts no being confused anymore.  You’ll be able to put all your new knowledge into practice to do exactly what you need to do to be in control of your sugar levels, insulin peaks, and food cravings in the short term and in the end be in control of your weight. You’ll be amazed about the transformation that happens when you get in control of your sugar levels.

In Module 5, we’ll work on all the extra bits and pieces that go along Module 1 to 4 and that you want to master to be in control of your weight.

What will you learn in this course?

  • How much food do you have to eat, starting with the portion sizes
  • What’s the right combination of foods
  • How should you weekly meal plan look like
  • How to stop being addicted to food
  • How to stop eating highly manufactured food
  • How to get organized and be super-efficient in the kitchen and the grocery store
  • How to cook
  • How and how much exercise should you do
  • How to avoid food cravings
  • Why and how to avoid eating too much sugar
  • How insulin can help you with your goals
  • Why the Glycemic Index and Glycemic load are so important and how to make them work in your favour
  • The reality about fats, sleep and how a few other related aspects need to be managed so they work towards your final objectives

You are going to receive these 5 benefits:

  • You’ll create a sense of clarity about the relationship with your weight you really want to have
  • You’ll find out the essential building blocks for having control over the weight of your dreams
  • You’ll discover the #1 thing stopping you from having the relationship with your weight you want
  • You’ll identify the most powerful actions that will move you towards the control over your weight you desire
  • You’ll complete the course with the excitement of knowing exactly what to do next to create the relationship with your body you really want


Arantxa Mateo

Weight Management Specialist
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Arantxa Mateo is a trained biologist, nutrition specialist, and weight management mentor. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Arantxa was overweight as a child, but as a teenager, she discovered she could take control of what and when to eat. That’s when she decided to study biology to learn as much as possible about the science of life and...

Class Contents

What's Included

Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Skills: Food Craving, Healthy Food, Calories, Carbs, Diet, Weight Lose, Meal Plan, Glycemic Load, Glycemic Index, Weight Management, Metabolism, Exercise
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 5 hours 55 minutes
59 Videos
50 Documents
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