Unit 1: All about Technological Adaptability

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This section will introduce you to the concept of technological adaptability. After reviewing this section, you will be able to:

  • Define technological adaptability
  • Explain how technological adaptability is both a skill and an attitude
  • Clarify the differences between technological adaptability and technological literacy
  • Clarify the differences between rote learning and adaptability practice
  • Clarify the differences between hard skills and soft skills
  • Explain why the adaptability exercises work as they do
  • Approach a new software with a plan and purpose
  • Recognize common features between Microsoft programs and other programs
  • Work with images and tables in Microsoft Word

Usually, a unit -- also called a section or week-- will have 2-3 videos. This section has more videos to introduce you to the basic components of technological adaptability. You can complete this course in whatever time frame you wish; however, I suggest finishing at least one unit each week.

This course will be most effective if you complete at least one section each week.

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