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As a spokesperson, your principal goal is to get your message across. So what do you do when the reporter asks you a question that you don't want to answer? you utilize a skill called bridging. But first, take a look at this. Again, let's use the example of the young boy who fell over the escalator rails at a department store, the department store spokesperson, France the media, and the questions are coming thick and fast. The speculation that the young boy may have been trying to take his own life.

How do you respond to that? Yes, I have heard that and I'm just not sure. Look, it may be the case I I certainly hope not. But at this stage, I just don't know. Not good enough. Too much uncertainty, no clear direction.

So this is where bridging comes into play. Now bridging is where the spokesperson begins his response with a fries that allows him to change the direction of the action View from the reporter's agenda to theirs. There is speculation that the unborn tried to take his own life. What can you tell us about that? Well, at the moment, that is just speculation, but what I can tell you with conviction is that my staff did respond very professionally and quickly to the emergency. But at the moment, our concern is for the safety of the young boy involved.

The spokesperson had a message to get across. And they did it quickly by saying at the moment, it's speculation, and then they shifted to their message, which focused on the safety of the young man. Very impressive. Here are a couple more examples. So what do you think of there? Before I answer that question, if I can just give you some background?

So can you guarantee the future of these workers at your company? Look, that question has been asked before, and I prefer to look at it this way. So would you like to make a comment about that? Well, I'm not actually familiar with that. But what I can Call me on is the way our business is going at the moment. bridging is a skill that does take time to master but it can be very effective when you want to get your message across

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