Wedding Management Mastery: Become A Day of Coordinator

Learn step by step instructions to work smarter not harder when it comes to day "Day of Coordination" for wedding planners.

Wedding Management Mastery: Become A Day of Coordinator

Learn step by step instructions to work smarter not harder when it comes to day "Day of Coordination" for wedding planners.
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About the Class

Inside Wedding Management Mastery, I included all the tips and tricks you need to plan and execute the perfect “day-of” wedding using the least amount of time and energy. You get invaluable video training along with tons of usable downloads and step-by-step guides for all my processes. It’s time to take your business to the next level and make more money using less time.

Is wedding management mastery right for me?

I’m a new planer:

Wedding Management Mastery will give you all the systems and templates I created after 12 years of planning weddings so you can use less time and make more money.

You’ll have the confidence to book your dream clients and execute flawless weddings you can feel proud. Then, when the time comes for you to scale your business, you’ll have everything ready to get your team started on the right foot. Day-of clients should not take over your business. They are fuel to help you grow into the powerhouse company you desire. You and your team will spend 33% less time on those clients, freeing you to work on the business, where your genius is needed.

You’ll make more profit and get extra time to chase down your big goals.

What will you learn in this course?

  • Section 1: Introduction To The Course
  • Section 2: Packages, Pricing, Contracts, and Boundaries - Get the exact packages I use for “day of” clients, How to price yourself, how to secure a professional contract, and how to eloquently and properly set boundaries with your clients.
  • Section 3: Timing Of Services - Learn the timing of when you should be scheduling and performing all of the services outlined in your contract. Also included are a client survey template, liability insurance instruction download, and a post-wedding checklist template.
  • Section 4: The Timeline Meeting - How to schedule a timeline, plus my client questionnaire and vendor templates. Also, how to perform the timeline meeting, which includes my timeline questionnaire template.
  • Section 5: How To Write A Timeline - Step by step instructions on how to write a timeline. You get downloadable instructions, plus we walk through the writing of a mock wedding timeline from start to finish.
  • Section 6: How To Update The Timeline - Learn how to request timeline updates from your client politely and when that should be done
  • Section 7: How To Confirm Vendors - Download my step by step instructions of how to confirm vendors, tailored for each vendor category. We also walk through each vendor category together.
  • Section 8: The Week Of The Wedding - We finally wrap it up with all of the last-minute tasks you need to complete the week of the wedding.


Holly Stein

Teaching wedding planners to WORK SMARTER not harder
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What's Included

Language: English
Level: Beginner
Skills: Wedding Planning, Event Planning
Age groups: All ages
Duration: 3 hours 25 minutes
31 Videos
14 Documents
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