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Now it's time to tackle dinner. So we have, you know, welcome to salads, entrees toast, all that kind of stuff. So, we are going to, of course, refer back to our timeline questionnaire and pick up right where we left off. So we went we ended right at that grand entrance. So next up, we have first dance right now or after dinner and you can see that it's circled right now. That's pretty common.

So grand entrance, we had 645 I'll do first dance at I'm gonna do sixth round hole grant and trance. I'm going to give us 10 minutes for that that's more than enough time but that gives a little bit of a buffer just in case. So 6:55pm first dance and song She actually did list a song for this on her song selections she has all of you by john legend. So it says it first dance now a few upbeat songs after that's a question mark. And she put Yes. This isn't all that common, but every once in a while, and I believe I mentioned this in that timeline meeting section that sometimes people do like to include a little bit of a beat dance that if they're doing the first dance right thing, first thing right away just to like get everybody up and moving and just, you know, excited for the whole party and the rest of the night.

So if that's the case, I'll do first dance, followed by 10 to 15 minute upbeat data set That I having I put 10 to 15 minutes here because that gives us some time to wiggle of we're running a little bit behind and we can do 10 minutes or we have that full 15 minutes. Great. So I'm going to put us here so 15 minutes I'm going to say 7:10pm and 15 because that gives us you know that time for the first dance plus 10 to 15 minutes of dancing plus now everyone has to go back and sit down. So at 7:15pm that's, you know, span of 20 minutes we will now be doing our welcome toast and prayer. So back on that questionnaire we have who is making the welcome toast Do you want champagne board now are with the maid of honor investment toast. So you can see I circled for now and then the toasts are the welcome post is parent to the bride, followed by the groom's parents.

They're going make a toast as well. So I have welcome by what are their names? Yeah. Susan and Graig this, parents have fried and then we have another toast. Bye. Jilin, Mike Jones, parents have grown.

And then we have prayer for dinner. Yes. By aunt Rebecca. So we have prayer by and rip, Becca. And if we weren't on your prayer, I would just delete this whole little prayer line and then delete it up here as well. Now I'm in Hudson rad because we don't know where and Rebecca is seated yet too early.

We'll know this after we get the seating assignments, which it sounds weird. Why do I want to know where Arabic is seated? Well, because before any major thing happens, like a prayer, or toasts, or first dance like we want to give any involved parties, a heads up before. Now people like the bride and groom, they're easy to find. We're with them all day, people like the parents. They're easily recognized.

I know exactly who they are, they're easy for me to find someone who's giving a toast. It might be somebody obscure, like a random uncle or a friend or someone like that. So I want to know what table they're sitting at. Because as guests are filling in to sit down, I want to go straight to that table. Let's say it's table nine, and say, hey, it's Rebecca sitting here. And she'll, you know, hold her hand and say, Hey, I just wanted to let you know or Hey, did you know that you're getting the prayer?

Before dinner starts and just say, Oh, yes, I did. And you can say, Okay, great. I just want to let you know that we are going to be doing the you know, the grand entrance and the first stands and then we'll be doing a welcome toast and after the welcome toast the DJ will announce you for your prayer and just say okay great. So I just want to give her a little heads up of like how it's gonna go down so she knows when to expect to be announced for that. So that's why I like to include what table she's sitting at. Okay, next up we have is dinner plated or buffet if plated how many courses we have salad it's three courses.

We haven't salad entree and wedding cake. So we have salad served. Then Andre served. Okay, so 715 I will give 10 minutes for both welcome toasts and that prayer. She'll put us dinner morning at 7:25pm and then yet, I like to do the salad service and then after all the salads are served once that last salad is played in, I like to do that a maid of honor and best Mentos. There are certainly different opinions and sometimes depending on like the venue or you know, other factors, this can certainly change but I would say generally rule of thumb once that last salad goes down, I'm doing my maid of honor and best man toast.

So, um, but let's just stay in order really quick. So you have 720 5000 or I would get about 25 minutes per entree or per course. So at 750 will be our entree service. This is again, a really good place to ask your catering team or your catering manager. How long to space for each course. This is 100% not a dumb question.

This is another one of those like, it's better to ask and be informed especially if it's a new cater. I actually had a wedding 2017 I mean, this is recent that I work for the new caterer that I had. They were not a new caterer but a new cater to me and they were doing a family style, something completely unique that I had never done before at a wedding. So I talked them and said, Okay, so how much time do I need to allot for the salad? Okay, so how much time do I need to allot for the plating of, you know, these family style items and that kind of stuff, because you don't want to throw off the whole timing of the rest of the reception and mess up the timing of the food or anything like that. So please, please, please, if you're unsure, just shoot your catering manager quick email and say, Hey, I'm writing Saleen John's, you know, budding talent base and their guest count and their menu, you how much time we should I allot for each course.

Like they will be so glad that you asked that question. So, all right, moving forward, turning the page of our timeline questionnaire. We have if played it on They're separate meal choices and then how you be identifying them on your place cards. So yes, there are separate choices and she's doing animals. So say animals on niche I'll say please card resignations. Cow is beef.

Chicken is chicken. Carrot is the salad serves. Okay, great. So if buffet it's not a buffet. And then it says would you like us to help visit your guests tables during dinner. So you can see I already have that as template.

In here bride and groom to visit guests tables question mark so I will just delete that question work and make this gray because that is not outstanding. We know that they do want to visit tables. Bride and Groom to visit tables. Meeting the bride and groom always get served first so that means they will be able to eat and then move around to visit the guests. Now we are I was chomping at the bit to get that maid of honor investment testin but now we are here still on this timeline questionnaire. Maid of Honor toast yes best man toast yes our maid of honor is Kelly.

Brianne is Robbie because he first doesn't matter. And then it says is anyone else making a toast the rehearsals a great time for additional people. So she's brother Connor. So we have toast by On our other out of the bride Okay, so that is it for dinner so let's just recap that really quick. So we have our grand entrance 655 followed by excuse me our first dance at 255 followed by our 10 to 15 minute upbeat day on set. Giving you about 20 minutes for everyone to do you know do the first dance the dancing Sit down.

Now we are ready for our welcome toast in prayer at 715. We have a welcome by Susan and gray parents of the bride. Toast by john my parents at the groom prayer by aunt Rebecca 725. We have salad served after all the salads are served we have the toast and then I want to give 25 minutes for the first Scores then 750 the Andrew will be dropped and that is essentially dinner. So next up we are going to be going over all of our post dinner formalities like father daughter cake cutting bouquet toss all that kind of good stuff.

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