Sending The Timeline To Your Client

2 minutes
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Alright, we're just about done. So we've just finished writing our entire timeline, along with our setup sheet and ceremony sheet. And now the last thing left is to send it to our client. So I will just send them a short, quick email. And I'll send you or I'll show you an example right here of what that looks like. So hi, Sally, I have just completed the first draft of your timeline and wanted to send it over for you and john to review, asked me found an aisle planner is online, and I put in the parentheses in the menu bar so they know where to find it.

And then I'll include a link to it as well. setup sheet, and then I put in parentheses in the notes section, so they know where that is. And then I'll include a link and then ceremony scanning slash photo list in the notes section and I'll include a link to that, including those links just makes it easy for them so they can just click on it versus having to you know, go into IO planner and find it that way. But I'll tell them where it is in Aisle planner so they can easily find it later. If you are using Google Docs, or instead of i o planner, just include the links to your Google Sheets as well. And then make sure that they have the proper access, whether you want them to view only or have editing access as well.

And then I'll say I've highlighted any outstanding items in red and all three of these documents. So go ahead and look those over. And let me know the answers. Once you've decided, let me know if you have any questions. So that's pretty much it. I send them all the documents and then I let them know to look out for those items highlighted in red, to know that they need to pay attention to those items because we have outstanding information.

So that's it for writing the timeline and if you have any other questions, please comment them below and I am so excited to get back to you with those

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