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All right, so now we are officially diving in, we are starting with your packages and services. You can certainly tweak your services however you'd like. And, you know, wedding management stay up can really vary from client to client based on scope, their wedding, which is why I've decided to list my pricing as range that can be customized after a consultation. I used to just say, you know, day of coordination 1500 dollars or $2,000. But, you know, some weddings have 50 people and they're at a hotel where there's Belstaff and it's easily accommodated for an event and then sometimes you have a 350 person wedding at you like a zoo or some unique venue and those services required look completely different in terms of number of staff needed and pre planning, you know, that sort of thing. So what I like I said, I have Now included just all the things that the package may include.

And then I tell them that I can customize a quote after a consultation or a phone call. So I'm really excited to be sharing this with you. These are the literally exact services that I send to my potential clients that are inquiring for a day of coordination. So let's just walk through this step by step. So I have wedding management services, services range from 21 to 20 $700. And then I have a bill disclaimer.

And the exact quote can be given after a complimentary consultation. factors that influence the quote, include, but are not limited to, guest count, number of assistance needed scope of setup, number of face to face meeting, number of hours needed on the wedding day and type of venue. So I broken it down to services prior to the wedding, and then services on the day of the wedding. So let's start with these services prior to the wedding, for a day of coordination, you're not providing a ton of services prior to the wedding, which is nice. And this part is really short and sweet. So first up, we have face to face meetings.

So one meeting that will be included will be the timeline meeting. And this is to create a comprehensive down to the minute event timeline for all the events of the wedding weekend. So no small detail is overlooked. And everyone is on the same page in regards to all scheduling. This meeting is 100% non negotiable. I Kosh so many years ago, I had a wedding where the client asked if they could write their own timeline to save money if I pulled that piece out of the package.

And I was eager to you know, book the wedding. I think it was, you know, a beautiful hotel in Santa Barbara and I agreed It was a nightmare she sent me the timeline it was it made no sense. It was missing so much information, of course not to her fault. She's never done this before. And I had to rewrite the entire timeline. So not only did I make less money because I charge less, but then I also had to do even more work if I would just would have done the timeline myself in the first place.

So that is a non negotiable. I haven't had really anybody asked that sense, but I know I would be able to certainly explain to them the importance of, you know, our, our company writing the timeline, versus then doing it themselves. And then we have a second meeting. This would just call the detailing meeting, his attendance at the detailing meeting to go over diagrams, event orders and all other pertinent details with your venue coordinator. So this meeting, sometimes I go to sometimes I don't if I know it's a venue that requires their planner to be there. And then of course, it will be there.

If it's a wedding or at a place that I've worked at a million times, and they don't require it, I may not attend that meeting, it really just depends. And then also, prior to the wedding, I will provide professional vendor referrals as needed to ensure that you have a professional team that fits your style and budget along with superior customer service. So I know some planners charge for you to have access to their vendor list if unless you're booking with their full planning package, which I personally don't agree with. One, if I'm not going to be totally involved in the planning process, I at least want them to have a really good team of vendors. So I am referring as many vendors as I can because I want that to go smoothly. And then second of all, how cool is it to be able to refer business to your friends, I mean, I love that and then next time We have confirmed contracts and timing with all vendors so that all vendors are aware of arrival times, loaded instructions set up client guidelines and flow of the event.

And then last but not least, before the wedding, we have 1.5 1.5 hours to coordinate the rehearsal and collect all wedding items eg toasting glasses, wedding programs, plates, cards, etc. And then to ensure all bridal party and young members feel comfortable with how they will be walking and standing, sitting during the ceremony on the wedding day. So this is prior to the wedding, essentially, you're doing the timeline weeding confirming vendors and the rehearsal providing vendors as needed and then maybe you're going to be at that detailing meeting. So now we have services the day of the wedding. The whole point, I mean, if we just skip down to the last piece, be your eyes and ears so no so you can relax and enjoy your big day. Literally that that is it.

I mean, they are hiring you because they want to enjoy their wedding day. They want their mom to enjoy their wedding day they want, you know, their bridal party in their best animated honor to not be working and to really soak in and enjoy the day. They know there's a lot to be done. And there's a lot that happens on the wedding day, but they don't exactly know what does that look like they're not sure. So you know, I just list a lot of the things that we do on the wedding day just so they can get an idea of like, Okay, so this is what a wedding planner does, or Wow, these are the things that I would have to do if we didn't have a wedding planner. So really, I'm just kind of bullet pointing many of the types of things that we will complete on the wedding day.

So for here I have, you know, eight to 10 plus hours on the day of the wedding to be determined by simply sweet weddings. I always determine how many hours we need to be there, because I know that I could dictate that and be there. I always pushed myself plenty of time, but I certainly don't want to get taken advantage of be dictated to be there at you know, seven in the morning if that's not necessary. So then I also have personal personal assistant to the bride, there's a little Asterix so we'll go over that at the end and then I have provide additional assistance to help fulfill all the wedding coordinator duties. And as you can see I don't have a number right here I just put provide additional assistance and this is where that like 50 person wedding at a hotel versus 300 person wedding at a private estate really comes in to play.

Then I have oversee all vendor commitments and set up to make sure they are fulfilled to your standards. And then set up assistance with decor favors, plates, cards, etc according to your specifications so you and your family can enjoy getting ready without stress. So this is big, these are all those little things that you know the florist is going to set up their pieces the DJ will set up their pieces the rentals will set up their pieces But all their little things like their framed photos and their engagement shoe, you know photo and their guests book and their place cards like who was supposed to set that up if it wasn't for you, then it would have to be somebody in their family. So that's big that you're taking that on for them. And then you have managed the timing of the event throughout the entire day from photographs, ceremony, reception, etc.

So that all events flow smoothly stay on schedule and are executed flawlessly. Provide wedding day emergency kit that includes but it's not limited to sewing materials, hairspray, duct tape, glue gun, bobby pins, color extenders, stain removers and more to come to the rescue in any type of mishap. So and also as you go through these things, you can certainly add in like little anecdotes of Oh yeah, gosh, we had this wedding. I remember. She for she lost her garter. She forgot her garter and I'm so grateful that we had one an hour Emergency Kit and you know, save the day.

So adding in those little pieces of, you know, examples of these items that you're telling them really builds value when you're selling yourself. So then you have right here, except acceptance and assistant with distribution of bouquets, corsages and pinning of boutonnieres. So all boutonnieres and corsages are pinned correctly and uniformly, you'd be surprised how many people do not know how to do this. So you being able to step in and provide this service is huge. Then we have assist with pre ceremony and post ceremony photography so that this time is used as efficiently as possible. That's a big one.

I definitely will always build value at this piece and let them know that there's always somebody on our team there who can help read off names help gather people and make sure that that time is used quickly. Then we have ensure all gifts and cards and move to a safe location. assistance with lining up the bridal party for the grand entrance. And then direct guests to ceremony, cocktail hour reception, etc, so that none of your guests are confused to where they should be and when. And then distribution of hard copies of timeline to vendors so that no vendor is left without the most updated timing and details and distribute final balances and opportunities to all vendors as needed. And then it was the big one, pack up all wedding items and load into bridal suite designated car etc.

But at the conclusion of the event, no one has to stay behind and clean up. This is another place where I built value. I give them an example where we had a wedding and the groom's mom. She's had a ton of parties and she's a party hostess, you know, always used to cleaning up but she had her daughter's wedding. We didn't have a coordinator and she was cleaning up at the end of the night. And then what Her son got married, the bride had hired us and she was in tears that the wedding was over and she did not have to stay in cleanup like she got to leave with her guests and continue on enjoying the parties.

So you know, that was really huge. And when you're able to kind of have people visualize and picture themselves in that situation. Again, it's just building value. And then we have answer questions and concerns to guests and family throughout the days that they feel attended to and taken care of. And then last but not least, like we already went over be your eyes and ears so you can relax and enjoy your big day. I mean that like I said, that is it.

So now back to this personal assistant, we have put a little asterisk. So I included What does a personal assistant do. So they will set aside brides jewelry, shoes, etc. So it's ready when the photographer arrives. help keep the room tidy. So getting ready pictures look cleaner, make sure the girls are ready on time and that they pack up all of their belongings to be moved out of the room if necessary.

They will call a Bellman help move items and facilitate their transfer. So this is really important this is you know, the girls are getting ready in the bridal suite. And they need to be reminded to move all their items because at the end of the night, you don't want a bunch of drunk bridesmaids coming back into the honeymoon suite being like oh, I need my bag right in my purse and that kind of stuff. So that personal assistant will make sure that all of these girls are staying on top of their things and moving them out when they have some time to do that. So they she will right here set aside all of bride's personal items in case they need to get moved to the honeymoon suite and physically move them to honeymoon suite if necessary. So this is on the flip side.

If the bride's getting ready not in the honeymoon suite, she will move all of the brides items so at the end of the night. If she can go back to the honeymoon suite and everything is there, she will see right here, check on groomsmen and groom and make sure that they are on time and that boutonnieres are pinned, make sure groom and groom smack up their personal belongings and know where they need to be moved to bearings that's just like above set aside groom's personal belongings to be moved to the honeymoon suite if they need so the groom usually rarely gets ready in the honeymoon suite because you don't want the groom and groomsmen making it all you know messy and then we have helped coordinate first work with photographer and eight and facilitating all for their pictures before ceremony including the energy any must shoot photography moments with the photographer and that's nice also well you know, hold the bright spot Okay, get them water, that kind of thing really just be there for the bride and groom.

And then they say, make sure bride and bride with of every need need at all times. water, food etc. Hold brights person, okay anytime that they aren't needed, coordinate transportation and make sure that everyone leaves in the correct cars on time. This is major, especially if the bride and the groom and their bridal party or is getting ready off site. And many times I need to be on the reception site managing that piece. So if I have a girl on my team that is managing, you know, the hotel and the getting ready, wherever that is, I can I know I have someone reliable that is making sure that they get the cars on time and getting where they need to be.

And then lastly, act as the bride's completely liaison for anything she may need any questions you need answered, etc. So this I mean, that's huge. I love having somebody in that room where that bride is getting ready because I essentially have eyes and ears in there 100% of the day, so I know how she's feeling. I know she's stressed. I know you know, if things are on time and things are not on time, as one person being in charge of so many facets, you can only be in so many places at a time. And I really like to be able to oversee that reception setup and then to be bouncing back in, I can check in on the girls and the guys, you know, relatively often, but having someone that's dedicated to their, you know, happiness and customer service and making sure that they feel good and taken care of, is really huge.

And then on the flip side, the bride has 100% contact to me at all times because she has that assistant there who can call radio text me at any time to make, you know, whatever any questions that they have. So, I mean, at this point, I pretty much have a personal assistant at every single wedding. I think it's highly valuable if they are really adamant that adamant that they don't want it. I will just Just include it as a, you know an assistant and not label it as a personal assistant, but still provide that service to them because I really find it to be that important. And mostly I'm just kind of outlining another, you know, service that when our assistants do that essentially just builds more value. So this is pretty much our services.

In a nutshell, it's pretty comprehensive, but it's nothing too crazy. And I really hope that you can find value from this and be able to tweak it to match the services that you are looking to provide for your brides. So next up, we're going to move into you know, pricing contracts and boundaries and we're going to be moving right along.

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