Walking Through The Completed Timeline

4 minutes
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You guys we finished the entire timeline. Can you believe it? I'm so excited. So now I just want to make one pass through so we can see it all in order and just appreciate and admire this beauty we have so we're gonna run through it. Alright Monday the week of the wedding. Bride ensure that seating assignments and photo list are completed aisle planner.

Friday November 15. For 30 Holly to meet or you know your name obviously, or whoever the leads name is lead to meet with bride and groom to collect personal items and decor 5pm rehearsal begins 630 rehearsal dinner begins at point A winery and then at 7pm Holly Sandberg numbers to applicable vendors. So that's the rehearsal now moving on to the wedding day, Saturday, November 16. Wedding Day location information and general notes so ceremony reception or at will In quick winery, the bride is getting ready at in the bridal suite the groom is going to be getting ready and the best man's room. So Susan mother of the bride will make sure that the girls and guides have food and drinks while getting ready. Hair makeup begins TBD.

We are not sure of that yet. We will know that only when we actually confirm the vendors. So 12:30pm photography and videography coverage begins. So their hours are 1230 to 930. So 1pm hair makeup complete 1:30pm right gets into dress 2pm first look to 15 to 315 bride and groom portraits 315 bridal party photos 345 immediate family photos here are all the people that need to be present for those immediate family photos. And then at 415 all pre ceremony photos to be complete.

So for 30 guests start writing for 49 is sunset. So actually get great photos of this With the timing of this 5pm invitation start time planners will greet the guests as they arrive and there is mixed seating no bride or groom sign. Then we have ceremony from five to 530. We have efficient already in place we have our processional with our grandparents parents bridal party, flower girl ring, Bear, bride, and then recessional. By 30 pm we have extended family photos. And here are all the people that will be listed there.

We still need a point person, and then additional photos of bride groom and bridal party as necessary. And then directly after the ceremony from 530 to 630. We have cocktail hour, and then at 615. Before we open the doors, the bride and groom will get a sneak peek of the ballroom at 6:30pm the ballroom doors open and the locations the Grand Ballroom 645 we have grand entrance we will introduce parents from their seats. Then we'll do the bridal party. Then we have the bride and room, followed by first dance and a short 10 to 15 minute upbeat dance set.

Then that will go straight into our welcome toast in prayer. We have the welcome by parents of the bride followed by a toast by the parents the groom and then a prayer by aunt Rebecca. Then at 725 we have salad served, we have our meal place card designations, and then we have who all of our toasts. 7:50pm we will do entree and then the bride and groom will visit guests tables 820 we'll do the father daughter and mother Sundance which will lead to open dancing 9pm we have cake cutting. Thank you. Okay, and garter toss, we still need some song selections.

And then at 920 we will do open dancing remainder of evening. 1155 will be our last dance so they can determine the song that they would like. And then midnight conclusion of a beautiful evening gift cards, go to bridal suite, all other personal items and decor goes to mother the bride's room and then the centerpieces are rentals so guests may not take them home. So that is the entire timeline. I like to just, you know, flush through it after I've written it and then I'll also go back and I'll just double check my timeline to make sure like, okay, yeah, I want 30 minutes in between the bride and getting dressed in her first look. Okay, I want an hour for these photos.

Okay, like I'll double check to make sure I didn't miss calculate math on maybe like the spacing of the courses over for dinner and that kind of stuff. So this is our entire timeline and it's just about ready to send to our bride. We just got to do the vendor section. And her setup she and then we will talk about how we actually sent her the goods

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