Post Wedding Wrap Up

6 minutes
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So this is the other post wedding wrap up sheet that I use that again, it's optional, but honestly, I, I don't even want to call it optional. I feel like it's mandatory. And to be honest, I don't even know if other planners use something like this. This is something that I just created out of necessity. So a lot of the systems and forums and things that I've come up with are what are the tasks that I'm, you know, running into constantly and do it over and over and over again, and how can I streamline it to make it easier, I don't want to be reinventing the wheel every single time. So I have found that after a lot of weddings, even though you will discuss with your bride where you want all of your items to go or all of their items to go at the end of the night, they will sometimes forget and the morning after the wedding, they're not going to be pulling out their timeline, the healing.

Oh, where did Holly and I say we are going to store cards or our candles or whatever, they're just kind of text you. And sometimes things change. You know, a plan has to be changed on the fly that night. And sometimes they're emailing the catering manager asking them like, Where's this or where's that and then they're contacting you. And it just becomes this whole kind of unnecessary game of charades. So I created this sheet to help eliminate a lot of the headache and logistics of things that can't have things that people wonder where they are most often after a wedding.

So let's just walk through this. And you can also certainly update this to better fit your needs, of course as well. So here, we have here post wedding wrap up. First up, we have date, client lead. So that's the person who was the lead coordinator and there On site the day of the wedding and cell phone number. So then I have general items these are items that we will collect you know 99 out of 100 times.

So gifts and cards. Where did they go? brides? Okay, where did they where did that get put? brides shoes, brides Veil Brides person personal items, the top layer of the cake and then any like please cards, menus, letters anything that was like special for them. We collect those.

So you know the brides Okay, I had a wedding one time this is one of my very first weddings and the bride texted me the day after the wedding wondering where her bouquet was. And I honestly didn't know I I just didn't think about it. And I didn't think that's something that people would want to keep. I hadn't been married myself at that point. So I felt terrible. And now I make sure that we We put that in her suite or in her limo or we give we make sure that gets back to her at the night of the night.

And then shoes. This is another one. I had a planner friend of mine. She had a wedding where the bride had these $800 Manolo O's and she took them off because her feet were of course hurting. And I guess the bride forgot about them, left them underneath her table or left them somewhere in the reception ballroom. And then was blaming the planner that she couldn't find her shoes and the planner didn't even know she had taken off the shoes became this whole big mess.

So now that's something that I just never have on my radar like shoes were when she I want to know where they are like, are they on her feet? Where were they do we put them in her bridal suite? Did they go in her limo, like where are they because they're likely a very special, expensive pair of shoes. So these are items that we always collect, and then I have additional personal items slash decor. So maybe Some candles or vases or other random things, maybe they got put in the honeymoon suite or maybe they went to someone's car or maybe they went to the bell desk in a closet overnight. I just want to know where all those things are to, you know, remind everybody.

And then lastly I have marriage license was taken by just on a side note the the officiant should always take the marriage license like by law, they should be taking the marriage license. However, sometimes you know, Uncle Bob gets ordained online and he doesn't want to take the license. Now, I had never thought about this until I had a wedding where the bride and groom needed a copy of their license. I think for something for their honeymoon to get like a special discount or something and they were like in China, and they were emailing trying to figure out where the license went. And it turns out that the maid of honor had taken a license it was a friend that had performed the wedding did a great job, but didn't take the marriage license. And then I think you have a maid of honor had taken it and it was all fine.

But there was like these, you know, 24 hours of us just like scrambling trying to figure out where it went and who took it. And so I want to eliminate that whole thing. And just note, like, who took the marriage license, and then all include any additional notes that I want to list for either the bride or you know, the catering manager. So I will take a photo of this with my phone and email it to the catering manager or the venue coordinator or, you know, whatever person was on site for the venue that would benefit from a copy of this, especially a catering manager at a wedding because they generally leave around dinnertime. So they're not they're not there at the end of the night. So there's a lot that's happened since they left Then I will leave the original copy with the bride.

So I'll either generally what I'll do is I'll leave it in her honeymoon suite on a table. So they'll see that when they get in at the end of the night. So, like I said, this is an optional document. Of course it's not you know, something in the year contractually obligated to complete but this has you know, really eliminated a lot on my end and I know all the catering managers and venue coordinators really appreciate it. And I feel like it's really strengthen our relationships and set us apart a little bit. So check it out, edit it, however, you know, feel necessary for your company and I hope you enjoy it.

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