The Morning Of The Wedding

9 minutes
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All right, I hope you're still there we are just about done with the timeline, which is so exciting. We just have the morning of the wedding we're going to be working our way backwards from the ceremony Start Time to include like the first look and the photos and the hair and makeup and all that kind of stuff. So we'll dive through that then we're going to walk through the completed timeline Just so you know, you can see it all flow from start to finish and then we just have to do the vendor section and the setup sheet and ceremony sheets. So those you know are super quick and easy. So let's just dive in and power through this last little section of the timeline. So this is a part of my template for the morning the wedding, or the just the wedding day timelines and I like to say you know, wedding below patient information slash general notes.

So this is just Kind of a debriefing info that I like to include. So ceremony and reception are same location if they're different locations. I'll put that so I'll put lips bear Moroni and reception Wilson Creek winery. So and then now we're gonna look at our timeline questionnaire where is the bride's location the night before and the groom's location the night before. So they're staying at the Wilson Creek winery hotel that is completely made up. I just wanted to have them you know the bride and groom staying on site for this particular scenario just because that's what I see most common.

So we're just gonna go with that. So just don't call Wilson Creek winery. Looking at Stanford hotel. Okay, so Brad is getting ready at Neil bridal suite on our broad suite. And I agree with to be getting ready at best man's room. And then we have who is making, or who's responsible for making sure the girls and guys have food and drinks for guys and girls.

And then if you look at our questionnaire we have it's a mother of the bride. She will be doing the girls food and the guys food. So I don't need to have two lines. for that. I'll just say, Susan, mother bribe to make sure girls guys have food, drinks while getting ready. we'll highlight that in gray because it's no longer an outstanding item and then it If the bride and groom are not seeing each other, please note.

Well, they are seeing each other in this scenario. So I will delete that. Just because the first look is so common these days that I like to include that right at the top of the timeline like bride and groom are not seeing each other. Just like FYI, I want everyone to know that. So there's that. So let's work backwards.

Now. If you want to grab your timeline questionnaire, and refer to the bottom of the first page is that are the bride and groom seeing each other before? Yes. So that is good to know for our pre ceremony, timing, so our invitation Start Time is 5pm. That's and that's what time we will actually be starting so guests will be arriving as early as 430. So I'm going to say 4:30pm Yes, start arriving.

So then at that point I want photos to be complete at 415. Because I want to make sure that we are done with these photos and get everyone hidden away before guests even, you know started writing. So I'll say all pre ceremony photos to be complete. So we're 15 is our last photo. So the way we are going to do these photos, the order will be first look with bride and groom photos, then bridal party photos, and then family photos. You don't want to make the family get ready any earlier than they have to.

So that's why I like to do those last. So I'm going to give 30 minutes for the family photos. So we're going to work backwards so 345 day immediate family photos And then we'll say to me present I'm gonna go to that mock or it's not going to be locked in your case but our mock little client questionnaire and say, Okay brides immediate family photos that's Susan Greg Kelly and Connor got there and then groom's immediate family photos. We have these people right here done Oh, it's got a text message. Okay. Now we will know your immediate family photos so 30 minutes before that we're going to do bridal party photos.

So okay, so bridal party we will do you know Bri with bridesmaids. room with groomsmen at this point usually like the main photographer, the second shooter can split up and they can each Do you know separate dude all together 30 minutes is generally enough time and if for some reason you miss something, after the ceremony, you can get whatever else that you need. So if that's the case, then we will do a bridal party or bride and groom portraits from 215 to 315. You want to give an hour for the bride and groom portraits. So we have 215 to 315 writing group portraits and that means you want to be doing your first look at 2pm want to give us all yourself a solid 15 minutes for that first look because depending on where you're doing it, there might be traffic from you know, other pedestrians like if it's at a hotel, you might have to stop Prophet you might have to, you know, getting the bride set up and then getting the groom set up and turning his back and you know, doing all the things like that takes time.

So giving yourself 15 minutes for this first look, and then they'll give him a full hour of photos as well. So I actually don't like it. Today I'm going to delete I'm gonna put, since we have a photo and video, the same number of hours. I'm just gonna delete this one habits start together. I don't like that separate. I like to condense as many things as I can.

So if the first look is at 2pm I want the bride to get dressed at 130 so bride gets into dress. Oh, I already have it up there. And she's getting into her dress at 130 I want hair and makeup. be completed by 1pm. And then, let's see. So our last.

So determining our photo video start time, we like to look at what is our last scheduled event. So if we scroll down to the end we'll see at 9pm we're doing the cake cutting. So 930 is safe that we're going to have that stuff done. So if we have them for nine hours, which was listed on that questionnaire up for the timeline and the last page, they'll give us a 1230 start time. Now that will be enough time. Because if they have no one hour before the bride gets into her dress, that's ideal because that gives them time to shoot candidates at the getting ready the hair and makeup, the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, all that kind of stuff.

So I kind of play around like if for some reason this was not going to be enough time up here. Then what I would do without bump up the cake cutting The ends. So there's you know, you can kind of just squeeze little things here and there. But you know, nine hours is a great amount of photo coverage by 1230 to 930. So hair makeup begins, I'm going to leave that as TBD because we don't know that yet. We won't know that until we actually reach out to start confirming vendors.

So that was pretty easy, right? pretty mellow, nothing too crazy. And that is our whole morning of the wedding. Next word is going to take one fluid, look through this entire timelines and you can really appreciate this masterpiece that we've just created together.

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