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Okay, so this is the last lesson in this section and we are talking about setting boundaries with our clients. So the ease of setting boundaries with wedding management clients is probably one of my favorite reasons that I like this package. For me, it's really easy to blur the lines with partial and full clients because we're offering so much more service and even still, to this day, I, you know, get asked something, something obscure that no one's ever asked me before I kind of feel like, oh, should I do that? Or like, should I be doing that? Or should they be doing it and I usually end up just doing it. Um, whereas with, you know, these days of clients, it's very black and white, like you're doing the timeline meeting, confirming the vendors, the rehearsal, the wedding day.

That's it. It's so easy to know if what they're asking you is above and beyond those services. So now that we know how to easy it is to set these boundaries. How do we do this eloquently? I mean, you don't want to be a jerk and say something like, well ask for our contract that's not a part of your service. And done that.

No, no, that's not very nice. You know, like brides are just like everybody else. They want to feel validated, and they want to be heard. So I will always say something like, Oh, that's a great question, or Wow, I love that idea, followed by something of the sorts of here's a great resource, or let me refer you to that person. So essentially, I validate the idea, tell them how great is how much I love it, and then point them in the right direction. So even if you know it's outside of that scope of a wedding management, I still point them where they need to go.

So another option you can do is also include into your email is oh, you know if you know that's not a part of our services, if you want to add that on. We can do that for X amount of dollars. So, if this starts to become a more frequent thing, brides sometimes unknowingly it's not always their fault they've never done this before they you know get so excited they'll start you know, maybe asking you thing after thing after thing. So if it starts to become this frequent pattern of them kind of overstepping the boundaries and surfaces of your package, then I would encourage you to have a conversation with them and say you know, I'm really enjoying the planning with you I was in such it's gonna be such a beautiful wedding, it's been so much fun. It seems that you may need to be adding on more services, I would love to talk about that with you or if you want to upgrade to the partial planning package, which includes x y&z it would be X amount of dollars.

So I would just, you know, see how it goes. You know those first few times but if it becomes consistent, like I said, definitely open the conversation. And then last but not least, Practice, practice, practice. This setting those boundaries does not come easy at first, at least for people like myself, honestly, for years, I just said yes to everything because I used to be such a people pleaser. And I just I couldn't say no. And I wanted to make sure that I was doing all the right things and making everybody happy.

But you know, making everyone else happy at what cost it was costing me my own sanity, I didn't have work life balance, I was spending so much time and my hourly rate was no tanking for these clients because I was doing so much more than I had a lied for in the price of that package. So you know, I finally learned how to stand my ground politely Of course and me for me now it's second nature. And I know the more that you do it, the easier it's going to get. So just remember to validate, acknowledge and then point them in the right direction. So with practice, practice, practice, you will certainly be a pro at it too very soon.

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