Following Up Vendors and Examples

8 minutes
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Okay, now so before I show you a few examples of emails I have sent in the past for vendor confirmations. And we look at a completed vendor section timeline and how to fill that in, I just wanted to talk about follow ups. So you're going to email a vendor and you're starting, I'd like to start about four weeks out, and maybe they just don't respond. So I will follow up again, one week later. And then one week later after that, so if at that point, they're really not responding to your email, I will pick up the phone and make a call. But I always like to have the details that we've discussed in email.

So I will call them all you know, provide the FBI information and then I will get answers to my questions. But then after that, I will shoot them a quick email and say, No, Hey Joe, so great. Connecting with you. For our conversation, just wanted to confirm X, Y and Z, please confirm receipt. I've had vendors lied to me in the past about, you know, things we've talked about on phone conversation. So I really like to have email record of everything, although to be honest on, you know, the wedding day, what's, you know, the email record, what's the point at that point, you just want to make sure everything gets solved.

But I just feel like having that email record that they know it kind of holds them a little bit more accountable. So as vendors so that's what the follow ups. So for your vendors who are responding as they respond, you are going to fill in the information in that vendor section of your timeline. So you have the one that I sent you that can be used as a Google doc or you can do this on i o planner. So I want to show you a completed beautiful vendor section for your reference so you can see what that looks like. And then I'll show you some examples of emails that I have sent as well.

So just think of it like a puzzle that you're filling in you you're starting out with this blank timeline with just essentially you know the vendor name and the contact and you know their phone number and email but then you're going to start to fill in these pieces. So let's let you know here's the church you know, we have available for setup by 15 our day a phone number, and contact, we have the venue they're available for setup at 12pm total vendor meals was seven they provided the venue and the catering and then we have photographer you know, initially when we start confirming vendors this hours and vendor meal section are blank because we didn't know those. So as you know, after you know, Brian Leahy, the photographer responds I now fill in the two to 12 and three vendor meals saved With Rogers gardens 12pm to bridal suite for the personals.

They're arriving to the venue at 12. They're striking at 12. And we have elevated Paul's. They're arriving at 5pm. The hours are 7:30pm to midnight, one vendor meal that you can see here is our DJ and his phone number. So this is a complete vendor section that is just flawless and beautiful.

It includes contact numbers for everybody and all that kind of good stuff. The only vendor I did not include a day of number for was you can see with Tableau linen right here because they're delivering on Friday and picking up on Tuesday. So I would have known about any issues on Fridays. So I didn't I don't need a number for anybody on that particular one. So that's a completed vendor section. This one looks amazing and it's totally complete, which I love.

And then now we can see a few examples of emails. I've sent so this is for a DJ. And Samantha is the office manager. I know her pretty well I've worked with this company many times. So my email is you know, short and sweet. Hi Samantha.

I'm so excited I get to work with angels my first wedding in eight months, I actually had just come off maternity leave at that point. So it was my first wedding in eight months. And I was excited to be working with Angel. Anyways, so anyways, I'm starting to get her logistics in order and wanted to touch base. So I had the FYI my phone number attached at the current timeline final version will be sent the week of we should have all day for setup we'll be able to confirm week for 17 so that was letting her know that we should have all day but I wouldn't be able to confirm until later. And then for the diagram I'll submit over when I get that so they are providing lighting as well and I wanted to send them the top the day gram.

And then it's nice with the DJ to have the diagram as well sometimes if they don't know where to set up, and then questions, just confirming we have Angel booked from 730 to midnight, What time should we expect his arrival? Just one vendor meal question mark, Can you remind me his cell phone number? And then lastly, I actually never got a copy of the contract from Rachel, can you get that too? So that was, you know, something that I don't always include, but it was the last little pertinent detail of something that I needed. So as you can see these emails, they don't have to be anything bigger fancy, you know, the simpler, the better. So let's look at so these are for live musicians for our wedding.

Hi, Raphael. I've heard so much about your band and I'm looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks. It will be such a treat to have harmonies there for the wedding. I'm starting to wrap up logistics and wanted to touch base. So here we have our FYI section. You can reach me anytime there's my number attached is the current timeline, the final version when we sent the week of, and then and then as an FYI, he knew his hours but didn't know exactly what all was happening.

So I let him know. We have you planning as guests arrive for the ceremony from four to five, cocktail hour from 530 to 630, and then dinner from seven to 830. And then I have my questions. What time do you plan to arrive for setup? How many vendor meals do you need? What's the best number to reach you on the wedding day?

And then this last little add on was regarding the AV equipment, because that's something we had discussed with the DJ and the bride had told me that they did not they were flying in from out of town and we're not bringing their AV equipment. So we're going to be renting some and I just wanted to touch base with that. So I wanted to let them know they can plug into the DJ equipment for the ceremony and they will need Their own equipment for cocktail hour and dinner. So I just asked them you know if they were taking care of that or how that was happening and then lastly one more example this is to a photographer hi Samuel. I'm starting to wrap up the logistics for Stephanie's wedding coming up and wanting to touch base really quick so I have the you know the FYI attached to the current timeline, my phone number that you can reach me at and then another detail up, you make park your car in the upper lot.

This was at a private estate, and he's know that all benders must park in the upper lot. And then lastly, we just have our questions, questions, how many vendor meals Will you need? to question mark? What's the best number to reach you in the wedding day? And then based on the fact we have you eight hours, how does 145 to 845 sounds can you take a look at the timeline and let me know what you think. So that is that.

So those are a few examples of using As you can see, it's short and sweet, nothing fancy. And yeah, once you start getting your responses from your vendors, you just start filling in those blank spots and filling in that puzzle. So that is pretty much confirming vendors in a nutshell.

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