Post Dinner Formalities

8 minutes
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Okay, so now we're going to hit post dinner formalities all the way through the rest of the reception. So starting with Father, daughter and mother Sundance, so if you look back at our questionnaire, I'll just kind of usually do a quick little, you know, overview and say father daughter dance. Yes. Mother son dance. Yes. Cake cutting.

Yes. Bride and groom. Thank you. Yes. Okay, john. Yes.

Garter toss. Yes. Great. So I know these are all yeses and I'll just go through and work them all in. So 750 is our entrees service. So we will give you know 25 minutes for people to eat that.

So that will put us at 815 and then an extra few minutes. So at and after five minutes, you know, for people to kind of just get themselves ready. So 820 We are going Do the father daughter and mother son dance. So we'll do these back to back. For song selections I'll check my list to be get me she actually did give us one for the father daughter dance but nothing for the mother son. So yeah, Father, daughter, my girl by 10 patients, and then mother son.

And I can't remember if I have said this anywhere else in this course yet, but I always like to get the artists names of the songs because maybe I don't know, like one direction did a cover of my girl and that's the one that she wants. Like, always include the artists so you know exactly which version they are referring to, for your DJ. I mean, I've even had people give me specific YouTube links and I have included those as well. So a 20 and then after the father daughter, a mother Sundance will be Open dancing weekends and then I like to give people about 30 to 45 minutes of open dancing before we cut the cake so at 9pm we will cut the cake and should we confirm we are doing a cake cutting thank you okay and gorgeous. So cake cutting. We don't have a song yet so I will highlight that in red.

But we do know please save the top layer we do know she wants to save the top layer. Then we know there's going to be a thank you by the bride and groom and then we know there is a bouquet toss in a garter toss but she does not have the song picked out. Now we will flip the page On our timeline questionnaire, we are on the last page of it. And it will say money dance. No. Is there a slideshow?

No. Is there anything else that needs to be scheduled during the reception? No, these are the most common answers, which is why I included it that way. And generally, the garter toss will be the last scheduled event of the evening. So I'll just say I'll add another time slot here actually. And say, you know, 915, open dancing remainder of the evening, because that just makes it very clear that lets everyone know, like photographer or anyone else, that there is nothing else happening the rest of the evening and that needs to be photographed.

And then we have our reception ending at midnight, it says on our questionnaire, so 1155 And oops, go to why that didn't include but I have probably am. Conclusion a you two full evening oh my gosh you know what that's so weird on my template I usually have where all the gifts and personal items are going to. I don't know why they didn't import but I'll add that in now. So what happened to the reception end 12 we put that in and then it says all gifts and personal items go to wear. So in this particular you know scenario I made up we have bridal suite for the equals gifts and cards rest goes to Mother of brides room. So I'll say all gifts and cards go to bridal suite all other personal items, decor goes to other brides from perfect Hmm.

And then we'll move to that miscellaneous. And we'll have how many vendors do we have? Or how many hours do we have your photographer and videographer? That's nine. We're going to use that when we work backwards for the morning of the wedding. And then are your centerpieces rentals are purchased?

I'll say and then their rentals. So I'll say you put that in here. centerpieces are rentals. Yes. Me not take them. That's just good information for everybody in case sometimes every once in a while, so I wants TO YOU KNOW, take flowers.

Oh, we can just say Oh, I'm so sorry. Their rentals. You can't take them, but now everybody knows it. And then we have is there a brunch the next morning? Yes, 10am in the barrel room. So I'm gonna scroll back up.

To topper I want to add another Oh add day here it is. Add day. So we have although to November 17 The day after and save 10am morning after brunch in barrel room perfect and then will you be hosting Valley for your vendors I have na itself parking. So that's just like a non issue we don't have to address but if it was that something I would include in its conclusion of a beautiful evening and say, you know, Valley hosted for all vendors and that kind of thing. So, that is it. So just to recap this little section we have after dinner we have father daughter, mother Sundance, then that began that kicks off our open dancing for the evening.

We have you know about 30 to 45 minutes of a dance set, then at 9pm, we will do the cake cutting, thank you the bouquet toss and the garter toss those blend really well together. When you do the cake cutting, then right if they cut the cake, you just hand the bride and groom the mic. They're already there, everyone's already looking at them, it's a great time for them to do a thank you. And then that will flow really easily into okay and Carter. And then you don't have to break up the you know, the dancing or anything like that the rest of the evening, you don't want to have to stop and start trying to get people's attention. So doing things in chunks really helps.

So, I mean that I put 915 But honestly, that'll probably take about 20 minutes. And then we have open dancing remainder of the evening, Lucky PM, our last dance, they didn't last too long in the questionnaire that's totally normal. And then 12am conclusion of a beautiful evening. So this wraps up The rest of the reception now we are going to go back to the top and work your way backwards to write the whole morning of the wedding.

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