Rehearsal And Wedding Day

3 minutes
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All right, this is our last piece. Literally all you have to do now is the rehearsal and the wedding day. So let's just go over how those last two pieces should look. So either on Thursday or Friday will be your rehearsal. And you're going to want to meet with your clients 30 minutes prior to the rehearsal to collect all of their personal items. So that's like plays, cards, table numbers, all that kind of stuff.

And then directly after that, you're going to orchestrate the wedding rehearsal. So if you do not know how to run a reading rehearsal or you have not been to a rehearsal, I highly recommend reaching out to, you know, a local wedding planner and just ask if you can tag along and shadow one of the rehearsals. It's very easy to do, but if you don't know how to do it, it can seem very daunting and overwhelming, and, you know, everyone's watching you It can be a little bit nerve racking. So I would highly recommend shadowing a local planner for a rehearsal. And then if you haven't seen our, you know, short rehearsal course, I highly recommend it. So I include instructions on how to run a rehearsal, a cheat sheet that you can bring to rehearsals.

So you can, you know, walk through each step to make sure you don't forget anything. And then I also included include a video of a mock rehearsal that I put together. So if you want you can use the code rehearsal, one to get 50% off this course. It's short and sweet and I cannot recommend it more. And then lastly, Saturday is the wedding day. I mean, or maybe the weddings Friday or maybe the weddings, Sunday or really any day I've had.

I've had weddings on Mondays Wednesdays and you know, Thursdays too, but For all intents and purposes for this course, our wedding is Saturday. So Saturday is where you make your wedding magic happen. If you've followed everything up and up to this point, most of your day should be on cruise control. So there's always of course, things that can pop up that are out of your control. But controlling the pieces that you can ahead of time will make sure to in smooth a ensure a smooth wedding day. And then if you have, you know, planned the wedding, well ahead of time, when you do have those little things that pop up, it's not going to feel completely overwhelming, you'll be able to have, you know, the time and the staff and the ability to manage and put out those little fires.

And then lastly, I was thinking of doing a course on how to run an actual wedding day so I don't know what you guys think about that. Comment below if you think that you would find a course like that helpful. So That's pretty much it And next we're going to move on to our conclusion.

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