Find Your Ideal Role

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Your ideal role requires two things: a problem you want to solve combined with the day-to-day work and benefits you desire. If you are not clear on either aspect, you will either end up in a role you can’t do or a job you don’t enjoy.

This module will enable you to find new opportunities more quickly with a laser focus on the underlying problems that need to be solved and an understanding of what you want out of your career, so you’ll be fulfilled when you get the position. You will:

  • Be crystal clear about what success means for you by ranking your personal priorities across job features, your day-to-day work, and your overall life.
  • Find new opportunities by exploring different problems and associated roles.
  • Gain access to new jobs by tapping the hidden job market and finding unpublished problems and improving your networking and interviewing skills.
  • Figure out the promotion and hiring decision-making process by discovering who the decision-makers are as well as their influencers and gatekeepers.

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